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Santa's Treasure Trail – adult helper information

Start your festive treasure trail here.....

Welcome to your festive treasure trail in Bolton Marketplace

Your starting point for the trail is outside H & M. If you are not there we suggest you go there to begin.

There are 7 clues in total for your child to hunt. Each clue has a video clip delivered by Santa; he will give a riddle to solve which gives them a Christmas item which they are hunting for an image of on a poster.

You can use the list of clue checkpoints below to help guide children to the direction to go to hunt for each clue (this is for adult assistance only; not for the children!).

Children should find the correct clue poster which corresponds to the clue they have just solved and make a note of the letter on the poster.

When you have watched each video simply click the next button underneath to move to the next video clue and solve the riddle to know which treasure point to search for next.

Once you have solved all the video riddles and found all the clues posters you will be able to work out the word solution.

When you have watched all the videos and discovered all the clues, watch  Santa’s final congratulations video for a celebration song!  Don’t forget to collect your child’s certificate of achievement and treat from Amazonia, at the end of the trail when you have solved the puzzle!

 If you wish to click the link below the last video to let us know you have worked out the word puzzle it will take you into Messenger where you can let us know the word and share any photos from your fun! You will also then be sent an option for a free Christmas activity pack to do at home!