Introduction to Child and Infant CPR DVD

Video 2 - Child CPR Drama

Video 3 - Child CPR Demo with Summary

Video 4 - Child Choking Drama

Video 5 - Child Choking Demo with Summary

Video 6 - Infant CPR Drama Scene

Video 7 - Infant CPR Demo with Summary

Video 8 - Infant Choking Drama

Video 9 - Infant Choking Demo and Summary

Video 10 - Tracheostomy Demo

Video 11 - Tracheostomy Choking Demo

FAQ 1 – What if I think the child or baby has stopped breathing…..

FAQ 2 – What if I think the child’s heart has stopped but it hasn’t Will starting chest compressions cause any harm

FAQ 3 – Will I break the child’s or infants ribs when performing chest compressions

FAQ 4 – What if I blow too hard when performing rescue breathing Will I damage the child or infants lungs

FAQ 5 – Is there anything you would do differently if the baby or child is a victim of drowning

FAQ 6 – How long will it take before brain damage occurs during a cardiac arrest

FAQ 7 – Do I do anything differently if the child or infant is known to have a heart problem

FAQ 8 – Why do you get asked so many questions when you dial 999