dinosaur treasure hunt game for kids

Dinosaur Treasure Hunt for kids instructions for play

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Welcome to your Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt to do at home, in your garden, on holiday or family occasion!

If you haven’t already done so you need to access the clue points , print and hide them around the house, garden or space where the children will be doing their treasure hunt! They can be pinned or stuck to walls, on shelves, in cupboards, under cushions, or hidden in among other toys and or anywhere dry and safe. You can make it easy or hard to find depending on the age of the children playing.

 Access the clue points here

There are 7 clues in total for your child to hunt.

Each clue has a video clip is delivered by Ranger Ron. He will give your children a riddle to solve which gives them a Dinosaur which corresponds to one of the clue points you have printed and hidden.

Children should only find the correct clue one at a time, so it is important to remind them to leave clues where they are when they are not the clue they are currently looking for. Also note you can re-hide clues during the game, should they find them too soon. You can also give them localised hints as to where to look for each clue, to try to keep them going in the right direction on each clue search (so do make a note of where you hide the clues so you can give them tips accordingly).

You can add an additional treat to each clue point for the children to gather too if you wish.

Each clue point has a letter on it. The watch each video in turn, find the corresponding clue point, make a note of the letter on it and then watch the next Dinosaur video riddle. Once they have watched all 7 riddle videos and found all 7 clue points they will be able to solve his word puzzle.  Then Ranger Ron will congratulate them on his final video and they can even do the Dino Hunters song and dance with him to celebrate!

Note – the game can be re-played in the same or different locations, by simply hiding the clues again in new hiding places. Where you hide clues you decide how good you think your children will be at finding them, given their age and skill with this hide and seek style treasure hunt game.

There is an extra video where they can learn and copy a routine and dance and there is a certificate of completion which you can print and present to them when they have completed the hunt and solved the word puzzle correctly.

Download the certificate here

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