christmas fundraising for schools

This Christmas, make some funds, easily for your school with The Elf Advent Challenge….

christmas countdown for kids

Earn funds for you school or PTA with The Elf Advent Challenge – Christmas Countdown fun for kids.

The Elf Advent Challenge is fun for kids and easy for parents! Benefit from a significant discount for your parents AND earn 25% for your school fund.

When your parents buy the Elf Advent Challenge for their children at your special discounted rate you will receive 25% of the sale price for your funds.

Fundraising opportunity for Schools / PTAs:

How it works:

1. Send information to parents about Elf Advent Challenge through school newsletter or other means of communication or social media. We provide you with a unique, trackable purchase  link.
2. Parents enrol their child in the Elf Advent Challenge for a reduced price of £12 (instead of RRP £20)
3. You then receive 25% (£3)  per purchase for your school or PTA funds
Pupils receive daily Elf videos throughout December which they can enjoy at home, complete their challenges and receive their Christmas Eve message from Santa…..

Christmas fundraising for schools

elf advent challenge for kids christmas

The Elf Advent Challenge is a an environmentally friendly, digital advent calendar full of Elf festive fun for children aged 2-8 years!

kids advent calendar

Your children will love doing the Elf tasks every day in December…

Your parents will love having the opportunity for them to take part and complete their Elf training during the run up to Christmas (and not have to do any preparation or resourcing  themselves, they can even ditch the Elf on a Shelf!)

Schools and PTA’s will love the fact that you can raise funds simply by your parents purchasing it…and they get to purchase it as a reduced price too!!!

digital advent calendar for kids story time

Your children can enrol on the Elf Advent Challenge to do at home….

No glitter, no ingredients, no prep the night before…..

JUST imaginative, magical, festive fun!!

Christmas fundraising for schools

kids christmas fun

What is the Elf Advent Challenge?

The Elf Advent Challenge is 24 days of videos; Tiny the Elf will beam in from the North Pole to your child.

Tiny Elf is head elf challenge master in the North Pole and he is responsible for training up all new Elflets (the name for a young Elf-to-be!)

He will lead your child through fun filled elf training with a different, imaginative, fun challenge every day during each week of advent.

All challenges require are imagination and Christmas spirit. Sometimes children may need to gather some objects from around the home, but these will be minimal, easy to access and common house hold objects (such as toys, cushions or dry trash, paper and pens). So you will not need to prepare anything, have a big space or buy expensive ingredients. You will also not have a huge mess to clear up afterward!

Each week follows a different Elf theme;

Week 1 your challenges are all about toys

Week 2 challenges teach you Elf skills about sorting presents

Week 3 contains exciting Reindeer themed tasks

Week 4 is about how Elves prepare for Christmas Eve!

digital advent calendar fun

childrens advent calendar

advent calendar for kids

Each child who is enrolled can access all of the fun INCLUDING

  • 24 daily videos from Tiny the Elf, giving the child a fun filled Elf challenge for them to complete.
  • 3 part instalments of ‘Story-time with Pumpaa Elf’ reading the Christmas storybook ‘Sprout’s Elf Adventure Challenge’ These are 3 extended videos for use on day 6, day 12 and day 18.
  • BONUS special message from SANTA HIMSELF on Christmas Eve; congratulating the children on completing their successful Elf training, crowning them honorary Elf status and wishing them a Merry Christmas.
  • Printable Elf Advent Challenge certificates which can be printed and presented to children on Christmas Eve along with Christmas eve boxes, treats or gifts left from the Elves. (optional)

All videos can be accessed through a secure, online portal, which can be accessed through your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV.

Amazing, festive fun; 10 minutes of easy fun with the kids every day leading up to Christmas.

elf advent challenge

What do you need to do to benefit from this offer for your school?

  1. Sign your school or PTA up to be an affiliate seller of this product.
  2. Use the artwork and promotional information we provide you and send to all your parents via your school / PTA newsletter or other communication channels, Facebook etc.
  3. Highlight to parents that they are able to enrol their child at the reduced rate of £12 (instead of RRP £20)
  4. For each parent who purchases the Elf Advent Challenge using your link you will receive £3 toward your funds.
  5. Easy Peasy!!

A simple and fun way to raise money for your school this Christmas….sign your school up now…. simply click below and enter your email address, choose a password, promote your link and start earning!


Christmas fundraising for schools


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