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Looking for amazing, unique and engaging entertainment for children for your festival or event?

We run two different type of entertainment for this format – Themed ‘Adventure Challenge’ sessions and our Treasure Challenge Hunt LIVE experiences; both are interactive, high energy and hands on fun for kids which include participative storytelling, song and dance, skills games and challenges for the children to participate in which they LOVE!!


We have proven themes and sessions including Dinosaurs, Astronauts, Wizards & Fairytales….

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Each session takes the form of a themed story journey; which children (and their grown-ups) take part in with the character / performer. They take part in the puzzles, games and challenges and feel like they have achieved success through receiving their certification of achievement at the end……

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wizard school event


These interactive experiences are full of energy and fun and led by an experienced performer and children’s workshop facilitator (as costumed characters as per theme).

Potential themes –

Circus / storytelling ( based on the Wonderslide storybook)

Dino Ranger training including the famous Dino Disco with disco dancing dinosaur Gregggggg!!!!

Fairytale / knight

Hocus pocus

Space / Apollo 11 moon landing

Spy / Ninja training

Cowboys and cowgirls

Superhero training

Each 30 – 60 minute session would be led by either one or two performers / workshop facilitator and can usually accommodate up to 40 children but this can be flexible depending on space and requirements.

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Imaginative fun; inspire their imagination

Develop confidence in the abilities and interactions

Interactive, high energy, active and engaging

Work together with other children (same ages or mixed ages)

Engagement with characters good for children developing communication and interaction skills.

Certification at the end allows them to feel like they have achieved something, regardless of where they are and their skills and abilities.


For a festival we would usually deliver around 4 – 6  x 25-30 min shows / workshop sessions per day (half hour gap between shows) This would generally be delivered by 1 or 2 performers (depending on budget) We can however be flexible in terms of times, session lengths etc. to fit your formats and requirements.

  • COSTS – event with one performer from £350 (based on one day booking, 2 performers, all resources, equipment, props, certificates for children) –
  • Two performers with all resources, creative props, certificates – £600 per day (based on a one day booking)
  • Multiple days can be delivered at a lower per day cost.
  • We can provide just one performer if budget is an issue and deliver the event to less children in this way.
  • We would need to discuss your specific requirements and budget and then we can come to an appropriate agreement that is works for all.

All costs include performers, costume and all props and resources for required theme (as per prior agreement) NB: costs above are based on props and resources for around 50 children and are dependent on space.

Flexibility and bespoke costs can be discussed with respect variables.

Treasure Challenge Hunt LIVE

Our Treasure Challenge live events are a unique and popular entertainment session for a festival environment.

This experience works by having a host character who leads children on a treasure hunt which they complete by completing challenges, solving riddles which allow them to find clue points, build up an overall password which they then use to wake up the sleeping character that they ultimately discover at the end point in the den. This character then gives a magical, interactive story, song and treasure giveaway or certificate for their achievement!

These sessions usually last 35 minutes and have around 10 children per session to maximise the interactivity of the experience and make it a personalised session. It can be done in any indoor or outdoor space. They require an enclosed space for the end character den (which we dress and make magical and special) and run with 4 performers rotating (to allow for breaks) which means a lot of children can be accommodated throughout the day.

Themes for this experience include Easter Bunny Hunt, Dinosaur Hunt (with our disco dancing Dinosaur Gregggg being the character they find in his cave at the end) Wizard Hunt Live and Fairytale Hunt Live.

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Our children’s family event format has been tried and tested in a host of environments and the feedback that we get is fantastic in the way it engages, stimulates children. One piece of consistent feedback from parents is that often our activities challenge the children to do things that parents are not always certain their children are going to be fully capable of. This is a great element; inspiring children to try and achieve.

All of our events and experiences are about helping children to enjoy the make believe fun element of imagination; playing with the idea of a character facilitating and hosting it for them – pushing them to imagination themselves as the character in the theme (astronaut, wizard, spy, knight etc.)

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dinosaur walkabout entertainment

To talk to us about your next event, festival, family fun day, fete or event where we can provide our amazing entertainment experiences please call us on 01925 756700 or email or contact us here 

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