wizard treasure hunt set up instructions

Wizard Treasure Hunt for kids

Start your Wizard Treasure hunt here.....

Welcome to your Magical Hocus Pocus Treasure Hunt to do at home or at your Halloween party! 

If you haven’t already done so you need to access the clue points and either print or draw / trace them and hide them around the house or space where the children will be doing their treasure hunt!  Access the clue points here

There are 7 clues in total for your child to hunt. Each clue has a video clip delivered by Merlin the Wizard where he will give a riddle to solve which gives them a Halloween item which they are hunting for an image of on a poster (these are the clue points which you have print / drawn and hidden around)

You can add a spooky treat to each clue point for the children to gather too if you wish.

Each clue point has a letter on it. The watch each video in turn, find the corresponding clue point, make a note of the letter on it and then watch the next video riddle with Merlin. Once they have watched all 7 Merlin riddle videos and found all 7 clue points they will be able to solve his word puzzle.  Then Merlin will congratulate them on his final video and they can even do a virtual broomstick ride with him!

Don’t forget to also print the certificate of achievements to give the children at the end of their quest, if you are able to. (NB. Merlin does not refer to this and so if you don’t have a printer then this is not necessary and the children will not be aware!)

To start click the ‘watch first video’ button below….

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