wizard treasure hunt set up instructions

Hocus Pocus Treasure Trail

Start your Treasure trail here.....

Welcome to your Hocus Pocus Treasure Trail at Forest Holidays…..

To download the video, press the ‘download’ button whilst still in the centre and wait for it to download to your device. 

Once downloaded it will go into your downloads folder / photos or video library. For lowest memory and quickest speed then select the lowest quality setting. 


Your video should open automatically once downloaded. If it doesn’t, then check your photo library or phone downloads folder in order to watch it. 


Once downloaded you watch one video section until the point that Merlin gives you a riddle to solve for the next clue. You then pause the video (this is indicated on screen) find the clue poster along the trail and then watch the next video section. 


The opening and closing video sections are each 3-4 minutes as they include additional fun.  


The riddle sections are less than a minute.


When you have visited all 7 check points then you can solve the word puzzle!!

To start click the ‘download video’ button below….

Merlin the Wizard will give your children instructions in the video…so click download now to get started and have a magical time! Oh and watch out for an appearance from Zelda the Witch!!!!

download your video here