Christmas snowman event LIVE

Festive Snowman Adventures for your kids this Christmas……

Join the Snowman Adventure and treasure hunt this December with your children….

Our snowman trainer, Jolly Shivers, is excited for Christmas, are you? Our Jolly festive balls of snow can’t wait to get your kids on their feet doing his snowman anthem and learning essential snowman skills.

This Snowman Adventure & Treasure Hunt is an awesome, festive game and event experience broadcast live through FACEBOOK live into your home.

Jolly Shivers the Snowman will give out clues and riddles and your children will solve these with him live and then hunt down, one at a time, all 6 clue points that you have hidden around your home for your children to hunt for. We provide printable or trace-able clues you can draw up and hide in advance around the home.  Each time Jolly helps your children solve a clue, he then gives them 1 minute to search your home for the correct clue point and return for the next one. This innovative festive fun event LIVE into your home is guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter.

With bonus activities including dressing up an adult as a snowman and learning the snowman wobble, as well as Jolly Shivers festive quiz fun, this is one hour of festive build up you will find fills the whole house-hold with jolly-shivers of excitement.

☃️☃️Jolly Shivers will be setting the scene with his snowman training skills, his snowman anthem and moves, as well teaching snowman flying skills of course too.

Woolly scarfs, gloves and hats recommended to extend the fun and jolliness.

Join our Jolly snowman for Jolly festive experience at your house.

Don’t just build a snowman, be a snowman with the Jolliest one from the North Pole.

This Christmas event is recommended for 2 to 10 year olds, and households that love everything Christmas. Prepare the hot-chocolate and gingerbread and put on your Christmas jumpers; Christmas is rolling into your house….

snowman christmas event for kidsCost –

£12.99 per household which can include up to 5 children joining.

Only ONE registration required per household (with up to 5 children attending from that household for the session)


snowman virtual christmas event for kids

snowman virtual christmas event for kids

snowman virtual christmas event for kids

snowman virtual christmas event for kids

snowman virtual christmas event for kids