Does your child love Space? Looking for educational activities to engage them in at home in a fun and interactive way? Then check out our available, up coming Space themed events and fun activities….

Space Adventure online for kids

A full week of Space themed fun for kids with Astronaut Buzz!

Does your child love Space?

Are you looking for something fun for your child to look forward to this lockdown?

Then Astronaut Buzz needs them as part of his next Space Training Elite……they can join his Space Escape week for a full week of out of this world adventures, activity and fun!
Make intergalactic action packed memories with your kids at home during Space Escape week……8th -11th February.
If you are despairing at how to keep the kids entertained and engaged for the next 6 weeks then this could be the best £20 you spend all lockdown!!

If your kids love Space, they will love this Space Adventure & LIVE fun…. including 2 treasure hunt events and 2 interactive activity sessions all hosted by Astronaut Buzz.

If you are struggling for structured, interactive and safe activities to do at home during lockdown that will satisfy your youngsters thirst for activity then look no further……

There will be LIVE space themed activity fun and adventure, learning, hunting, hiding, making, creating, playing and solving Space games, puzzles, treasure hunts and quizzes!

REGISTER your Space Ranger Now….

space activities for kids

There will be 4 different LIVE broadcast events that your kids can join with Astronaut Buzz on Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th, Thursday 11th February.

If they cannot make all the live sessions, you can watch on replay or as downloads.

These 4 broadcasts include different treasure hunt experience events which include also going on space adventures; including a space walk and a moon landing mission.

As well as the live events (which are also available as replay and downloads), resources will be delivered as downloadable, printable PDFs.

If you have a printer for the resources and treasure points it will make it easier to prepare, however, we provide files which can be drawn / traced so a printer is not essential.

The Live Broadcasts will be delivered through private Facebook LIVES and unlisted Youtube. During the live broadcasts, the adults type into the chat box which means Astronaut Buzz can give shout outs to your child and comment on their knowledge and progress with all the fun.

By the end of the week, Astronaut Buzz will have followed your young space ranger’s progress and they will have had so much intergalactic fun together!

🪐 Private Facebook community where you can share the Space fun with other families!

🪐 Additional Space activities, PDF’s, fun sheets, play ideas

🪐 Certificate which you can print and present to your child at the end of the  week when Astronaut Buzz awards them honorary Space Ranger status at the final graduation event.

kids playing space


🌟 The Space fun starts on 8th February – 11th February and will be live at 5.30pm daily.

🌟 Your child can join all live and if you miss any you can watch on replay.

🌟  Further they can access them on demand and do them again and again!

🌟 They graduate as part of Astronaut Buzz’s Elite and honorary Space Rangers!

The live events include:

👨‍🚀 The Space ranger skills routine fun.
👨‍🚀 Space interactive quiz.
👨‍🚀 Take part in LIVE Space themed treasure hunts in your own home, run live by Buzz the Astronaut; solve his riddles and then search for the clue points in your own home (you print or draw them before the event time and hide them around the space ahead of the event).
👨‍🚀 Learn the Space Ranger anthem
👨‍🚀 Travel with Buzz the Astronaut through space and see what intergalactic adventures you can have…they will be out of this world!

space activities for kids

Sign up includes access to 1 week; 4 days of consecutive LIVE broadcasts 5.30 pm until approx. 6.30 pm. 45 mins to 1 hour per day. 1 week passes available, join LIVE for maximum fun and access on-demand anytime via FACEBOOK group for 2 weeks after broadcast.

It’s interactive, engaging, imaginative Space themed fun for 3-10 year olds from the comfort of your own home! Registering your child is essential to join the fun. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Only one registration needed per family / group.

Your child can  join in LIVE in your home, with the Space fun for 1 hour each day through out Space Escape week, Monday to Thursday. They can even re-run the fun in the private facebook group for 2 weeks.

Graduate as part of Buzz’s space ranger elite! 

fun event for kids at home

space education for kids

Broadcast through Facebook live, through an exclusive private Facebook group; only available to families who have pre-registered.

Includes printable clue points to use during the treasure hunt experiences with your child / children.

Only one registration required per family / group of children. 4 days of fun for one great price and one registration for just £20… activities for kids


kids event feedback


👉 The event will broadcast through Facebook live inside our exclusive private Facebook group; only available to families who have pre-registered.

Includes printable clue points and certificates (optional) to use during the experience with your child / children.

Only one registration required per family / group of children.

Once you have registered you will be sent confirmation, along with a link for the private Facebook group. Your request to join will be approved and you can then access the clue points to download plus all the information you need to enjoy the events.

PLEASE NOTE your registration will not be complete until you request to join the private Facebook group. You will find the link to the group in your confirmation email and PDF GUIDE. Please carefully review the instructions in this PDF GUIDE for joining the event as late requests to join or access clue documents may result in missing the event.

space activities for kids