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Interactive, video led, treasure hunt experiences for venues and visitor destinations

Are you looking for innovative, safe, flexible and enticing experience to offer families for Christmas this year? 

These fun, festive experience trails are perfect for families to enjoy at your centre this Christmas…..with options to either run as a centrally hosted digital experience or a trail around your site, it is flexible for your site and visitor objectives.

It can be run as an income generating event or as part of a package experience or even as a free, marketing and footfall generating activity; we will bespoke it for your location or site.

With video riddles for families to view on their phones. Or run videos from a central location for group sessions.

There is the Elf Adventure Treasure Hunt or Santa’s treasure hunt to choose from; both of which can have bespoke video elements welcoming visitors to your site; whilst being ‘beamed in from the North Pole’!

It’s flexible, safe and low cost to run and resource.

  • Digital and physical adventure for under 10’s 
  • Exciting, fun and engaging…..
  • Perfect for attracting and entertaining families…..

Brilliant activity for your family visitors ……

  • Children love a treasure hunt, and our video hosted trails add an extra element to a standard trail.
  • Also provided is support marketing materials and videos with fun themes to get your visitors enthused about doing your fantastic trail.
  • Smartphone access is easy and means this fun is simple to host and facilitate with our digital platform.
  • Option to run it from a central area in your location on a large screen and run as sessions with Santa or the Elves beaming directly from the North Pole to run the event!
  • Fantastic resource for community access and use.
  • An amazing activity for school groups and kids clubs to do when they visit your location
  • Helping you keep children and families engaged and active on their visits.

christmas kids trail


This is a ready-made, easy to use, digitally hosted treasure hunt activity; pre-prepared and proven, to engage children and their families. Great value and easy licence and installation to use at your location.

With an option to use the pre-prepared version or to have a version with bespoke videos for your venue.

“The children loved the combination of watching the video clues and finding the physical treasure points. Really different and a lot of fun”

elf adventure treasure hunt for families


You will also get fantastic marketing benefits provided by the accompanying marketing materials; meaning the popular themes can help create excitement about your destination. You will receive powerful digital assets to use online and your social media channels and these include videos and great visuals to gain engagement in these fun and exciting trails.


Santa Christmas Trail
Santa Christmas themed treasure hunt trail – digital video led


Elf Adventure Trail
Elf Christmas themed treasure hunt trail – digital video led


Either Santa or the Elves (depending on theme you choose) beam into your visitors from the North Pole, and visitors access video clues with them on their phone. Alternatively, these are provided from a central screen location.

The children are taught fun Elf skills, a song and given a riddle which they have to solve and then find the corresponding picture and letter in the space or around the site.

Every venue and destination can arrange the clue points (usually printed posters / foamex boards / wooden boards) around their location in a flexible arrangement to suit the site and flow of users.

Our team help construct a PDF map that can be accessed by parents/ adults to guide children (either digitally and or as an optional printable) to aid route management.

This way children are given additional tips/ clues from adults to know in what area to search up the clue poster/ printed sign that confirms their finding success.

Clue signs include a jumble of letters (one on each clue poster) to enable an overall game of solving / completing the hunt and trail successfully.

If the event is done from a central area, the children are given  timer to find the clue point and return to the main area to watch the next section. This can be easily facilitated by one of your members of staff.

christmas experience

If it is provided for visitors to watch on their smart phones within their family bubble, then customers watch videos that encourage children to search out the corresponding visual answer to each riddle. Accompanying each visual (which they have to locate on the trail route) is a letter that all combine to provide a word puzzle challenge to solve at the end of the trail. Certificates are included in the theme designs/ packs and can be either provided digitally or optionally printed as part of completion reward.

The treasure trail works for both inside and outside spaces. 

christmas trail

Trail maps and set up

Our team produce an accompanying map design for your trail which which will be installed at your location, in the best way to suit the space and flow of visitors desired. Installation is kept very easy with positioning of clue point posters (normally 7) on appropriate printed material for site. Often foamex boards either A4 or A3 are used.  These trails can be installed and work well both inside and outside. Distance between trail points is advised as a few minutes walking or less to maintain young children’s engagement and mean the whole experience duration is average 30 to 45 mins. 7 clue points are provided in standard trails.

Note: we provide artwork support and as long as clues are mounted in durable way, once installed the whole thing can simply run through digital logging in on phones, with no other management needed for period of license (normally seasonal 3 month or annual duration). Certificates and map documents can be provided as print ready as part of standard package/ license.

christmas kids


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