Terms and conditions for our live broadcasts

Tune in at your allotted day and time on the Facebook Group or Youtube link. The broadcast will be made LIVE from the group so if you are in the group at the allotted time you will see it pop up. On Youtube the broadcast will start playing at the link.

There may be various time slotted events taking place in the day in the same group. Please ensure you join the correct time that you have registered for. PLEASE NOTE you will need to have requested access to the facebook group no later than one hour before your session. If you have not requested access before this time you cannot be guaranteed to be granted access in time. It is your responsibility to request access prior to one hour before and we cannot take responsibility for late requests for access.

If you do have any problems with accessing  the facebook group please email hello@wonderadventures.co.uk or contact us here in Messenger. We will aim to get back to you between 8.30 and 9.30 am on the morning of the broadcast with as much technical support as we can. One back up in place will be we will send you a You Tube link to access the broadcast if you are having persistent issues with facebook and access.

if you want to access the event on YouTube  and haven’t received a link please email us or contact us here in Messenger no later than one hour before the event start time and we will provide you with the link.

We cannot guarantee to respond to requests for links or group access within one hour of the event. We will try our best but we are a small production team and will be getting technically ready to start the event, so please ensure you have links prior to this time.

Please note that we expect our technical provision to be good and we will know by having good numbers on our broadcast that everything is working from our point of view. It can be that because of internet provider variations and or device issues that some of you will sometimes have connection issues to LIVE streams.  Wonder Adventures can not be accountable or liable for such issues with LIVE video streaming experiences, and therefore we note we can not guarantee any compensation or additional help at the time of broadcast, if you experience such issues. This includes issues like page freezes, live stream drop out, audio issues your end and internet connectivity issues.

We will on a case by case basis consider trying to re-allocate you to another session if you do experience such a difficulty, but please note this is at our discretion,  and can not be guaranteed, and we can only address such issues when we are not broadcasting. So please do not expect technical support during session times, or within broadcasts as they happen. We will contact you as soon as we can following any reports of such issues.

If we do experience a technical issue at our end we will report that on the feed and resume the broadcast as soon is possible.

Unkind language or in-LIVE session complaints with in comment fields will not be tolerated. We will eject from the Facebook group any person that is messaging complaints or negative feedback during the LIVE broadcast.

It is our policy to hold fun and enjoyable sessions and even in the event that you feel you have cause to complain, in that you feel something is not as expected or you have not had your expected or even promised shout out, this does not permit you to provide unkind or aggressive comments at our team during a broadcast. If you are concerned and can politely comment in the comments field about it, then feel free to do so, and we will endeavour to pick up on the feedback promptly if we can. If you do have a direct cause for concern, please message us here or on email via hello@wonderadventures.co.uk to avoid spoiling the tone of the sessions we are running with good intent to provide joy and fun for all.

Any inappropriate comments as deemed by our team at our discretion could lead to individuals being ejected from the group they are accessing the broadcast. We have to consider safeguarding and any behaviour or comments that could offend other members of the broadcast and in such cases we will not hesitate to block any such user from our broadcast, with no option for compensation or refund.

We are not able to guarantee the option for re-funds or exchanges after tickets are purchased. Should your circumstances change and you want to exchange or move your booking slot for one of our events. Then this needs to be no later than 7 days before the event date, and at our discretion we can consider requests for a change of time/ date slots. In all such cases there will be an admin fee payable for the carrying out of the request of £5, and is of course subject to availability and confirmation of whether we can offer this service, on a case by case basis.

Most of our broadcast events are delivered via FaceBook private groups. It is your responsibility to request access to the relevant group at least one hour before the event slot you have booked. Otherwise, the admin team can not guarantee you access to the group. In such a case you, except for exceptional circumstances considered case by case, you will not be eligible for a re-fund. You may at our discretion be offered an alternative event slot but this is not guaranteed. We do also endeavour to get you on to our broadcasts via other means such as You Tube if you experience issues with face-book, but you must alert us to the issue no less than 1 hour before your broad-cast slot for this to be considered a possible option.

From time to time, Wonder Adventures may for various reasons need to delay a scheduled broadcast. We reserve the right to delay broadcasts for up to 60 minutes should we have reason to do so, and expect your understanding in such a case. Only if we have to delay more than 60 minutes will we consider the options of re-funds or exchanges, at our discretion on a case by case basis.

Many of our broadcasts require customers to access and print out or draw resources to support the interactivity provided by our online event experiences. It is vital that customers access these resources ahead of the broadcast and raise any issues or access challenges at an absolute minimum by 2 hours before the broadcast slot. Only in such instances will our admin team be able to offer support where we can with such issues.

If in any event Wonder Adventures has to cancel a broadcast date and time all together, then we will firstly offer options of other dates and times to those effected. Only in the event that customers can not make those date options, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis.