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Cretaceous Skills Challenge number 1  – Dino Washing Line

🦖 For this challenge you firstly need to access the templates here and follow the instructions.

🦖 Create a set of targets with holes cut out and mount on card for more strength.

🦖 Then peg these to a mini washing line (you can make this between 2 sticks in a back garden or park.)

🦖 Use our templates to make your targets and add your own points system to each one – ie one might be worth, 5, another 10 and another 15. Or you can use smaller numbers if your ranger is young.

🦖 Once you make this you can toss your Dino toys through the holes from 1 to 2 metres away.

🦖 See how many dinos can score you points in 1 minute. 

Ron’s advice – 

ranger ron dino club

“Make sure you choose Dino toys that will fit through your targets!

🦕 Resource link – you can access the resource needed for this game here – dino washing line game template 🦕

Cretaceous Skills Challenge number 2 – Dino Olympics Race  

🦖 For this challenge you need to create 8 lines on grass or carpet with string.

🦖 You also need 1 dice and 3 dinos.

🦖 Pick one dinosaur that is you and then the others are racing against you. Use the dice to roll and see who wins the race.

🦖 If playing outside  – get a box or container to roll your dice in.

Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

“If playing outside like I usually do, then get a box or container to roll your dice in.”



Cretaceous Skills Challenge number 3 – Dino Crossing

🦖 For this challenge you need 10 dinosaurs and a coin. 

🦖 Now the dinos are stuck and they need to cross a muddy low lying river.

🦖 You need to call heads or tails for each dinosaur and they either make it across the river to safety or they get stuck in mud.

🦖 Line 10 of your dinosaurs up, toss the coin and  see how many of your dinos you can get to safety.  

Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

I suggest you choose at the start that heads = make it across and tails = stay stuck, for example




Cretaceous Skills Challenge number 4 – Dino Egg and Spoon

🦖 For this challenge you need 3 tennis balls or similar soft balls.

🦖 You also need a nest container like a washing up bowl or a large deep pan and 1 large spoon for carrying your eggs.

🦖  You have a nest and a distance to travel with your eggs (tennis balls) and you have to get as many in to your nest over a distance of 3 meters as possible in 1 minute time frame. Practice, set yourself a target and then beat this to pass this challenge.

Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

An alternate way of playing this is with a tennis racket if doing it outside this can be extra fun.




Cretaceous Skills Challenge number 5 – Splat the dino

(Requires you to make pictures resource)

🦖  For this you need 3 old 2 litre fizzy drinks or water bottles and a board to mount these on.

🦖 This game is a classic,  but is a bit of a project to make the apparatus first.

🦖 An adult will need to help with the main construction. The tops and bottoms need to but cut off the bottles and then they can be mounted on a board, either think cardboard or wooden board. They can be fixed with strong tape such as duck tape. The opening needs to be made safe by covering or trimming any sharp bits. The tube needs to be covered and made so you can’t see inside the tube – so this can be with the tape or other decorating technique. (A wise approach is do the decoration before mounting the tubes / bottles on the board.)

🦖 You need to leave an area at the bottom for your splat area. Then you need to make a splat bat out of an old paper or magazine rolled up.

🦖 And then all you need is a dinosaur or dinosaur toys that fit down your tube.

🦖 Then it’s time to play splat the dino!

🦖 One person lets the dino go at the top of the tube and the player / ranger looks to splat the dino as it exits at the bottom. A successful splat traps the toy between bat and board in the bottom target zone – which you can decorate also.

Ranger Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

Simply making this game and having one successful splat lets you pass this challenge! And the making is a lot of fun too!

🦕 Resource link –how to make your splat the dino game at home Your ranger can even do this as an extra fun activity with some help! 🦕

Cretaceous Skills Challenge number 6  – Dino Pterosaur Soaring 

 Access paper Aeroplane instructions needed here 

🦖  For this challenge you need to make a paper aeroplane decorated as a Pterosaur.

🦖 Then you need to successfully fly your Pterosaur 4- 5 metres to pass this challenge.

🦕 Access the paper Aeroplane instructions and resource to help you here   🦕


Well done Ranger!

Once you have completed 3 of the 6 challenges here you can award yourself the Cretaceous Skills Badge!

Don’t forget to share your pictures and achievements with us!

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