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You can access the challenges below or on PDF here –

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Jurassic Fact Badge PDF access here

Jurassic Fact challenge 1:

Find out 3 dinos that lived in the Jurassic Period and draw a picture of your favourite one of them.

Access colour in resource PDF here

Jurassic Fact challenge 2:

Fill in the missing Facts on Ranger Rons Jurassic Dino Fact sheet 

Access Jurassic Dino Fact sheet PDF here

Jurassic Fact challenge 3:

Learn 2 new (Jurassic) dinosaur names and teach someone in your family or household how to say them and what their name translates to as meaning?

Jurassic Fact challenge 4:

Create a dinosaur Fact sheet with 4 facts about any Jurassic Dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Draw the dinosaur and add in your facts.

Jurassic Fact challenge 5:

Get 2 of Ranger Ron’s Quiz questions right in a row and show off your knowledge to a family member.

You can find them on his YouTube channel here in any of the weekly episode replays.

Jurassic Fact challenge 6:

The late Jurassic Period is renowned for the emergence of sauropod dinosaurs.  They were the classic long-necked and long-tailed dinosaurs, and the largest grew to more than 40 metres in length and probably weighed up to 100 tonnes.

Find out about a Jurassic Sauropod and find out about its weight and length. Draw a picture of your discovery. 

Access colour in resource PDF here


Here is a list of some Jurassic Dinosaurs or nearly dinosaurs that lived in the Jurassic Period of time,  you might like to look up and find out about online for your Jurassic Badge work:

🦖  Ammosaurus

Pronunciation: ah-moh-SORE-us

Dinosaur Name meaning: ‘sand lizard’

🦖  Anchisaurus

Pronunciation: ANK-ee-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘near lizard’

🦖 Allosaurus


Name meaning: ‘other lizard’

🦖  Apatosaurus  


🦖  Archaeopteryx


Name meaning: ‘ancient wing’

🦖  Brachiosaurus


Name meaning: ‘arm lizard’

🦖  Cryolophosaurus

Pronunciation: cry-o-loaf-oh-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘frozen crested lizard’

🦖  Camarasaurus


Name meaning: ‘chambered lizard’

🦖  Camptosaurus

Pronunciation: KAMP-toe-sore-us

🦖  Ceratosaurus


Name meaning: ‘horned lizard’

🦖  Chaoyangsaurus

Pronunciation: chow-yahng-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘Chaoyang lizard’

🦖  Compsognathus

Pronunciation: Komp-sog-NATH-us

Name meaning: ‘pretty jaw’

🦖  Dilophosaurus

Pronunciation: die-LOAF-oh-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘two-ridged lizard’

🦖  Diplodocus

Pronunciation: DIP-low DOCK-us

Name meaning: ‘double beam’

🦖  Dryosaurus

Pronunciation: dry-oh-SORE-us

Name meaning: ‘oak lizard’

🦖  Elaphrosaurus

Pronunciation: el-a-fro-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘fleet lizard’

🦖  Gargoyleosaurus

Pronunciation: gahr-goy-lee-oh-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘gargoyle lizard’

🦖  Giraffatitan

Pronunciation: ji-raf-a-tie-tan

Name meaning: ‘giraffe titan’

🦖  Heterodontosaurus

Pronunciation: HET-er-oh-DON’T-oh-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘different-teeth lizard’

🦖  Kentrosaurus

Pronunciation: ken-TROH-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘spiky lizard’

🦖  Lesothosaurus

Pronunciation: Le-SO-toe-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘Lesotho lizard’

🦖  Lophostropheus

Pronunciation: lof-oh-stro-fee-us

Name meaning: ‘crested verebra’

🦖  Lufengosaurus

Pronunciation: Loo-FUNG-oh-SORE-us

Name meaning: ‘Lufeng lizard’

🦖  Marshosaurus

Pronunciation: marsh-oh-sore-us

Name meaning: ‘[Othniel Charles] Marsh lizard’

🦖  Ornitholestes

Pronunciation: Or-nith-oh-LES-teez

Name meaning: ‘bird robber’


Well done Ranger!

Once you have completed 3 of the 6 challenges here you can award yourself the Jurassic Fact Badge!

Don’t forget to share your pictures and achievements with us!

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