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Jurassic Dino Science Challenge number 1

Pick a Jurassic Dinosaur and show how long or tall they were, using todays worlds items, animals or in a picture.

So you might draw a Brachiosaurus dinosaur and then show how tall it was with pictures or cars on top of one another or even houses. 

Jurassic Dino Science Challenge number 2

Find out how we know what some dinosaurs ate and explain this to a family member.

Jurassic Dino Science Challenge number 3

Discover a new Jurassic dinosaur that you didn’t know about before and write down 3 facts about it. Then share these facts with a family member.

Jurassic Dino Science Challenge number 4

Set up a dino dig and dig up a dino. You can either bury a toy dinosaur or get an adult to bury one in sand, soil or even a flour mixture that sets or even Jelly that sets for extra tactile and digging fun. See suggestion resource sheet here.

Jurassic Dino Science Challenge number 5

The Allosaurus Dinosaur, known as the “other lizard”, was the most common large predator of the period. Around 12 metres long, it is known to have preyed on big sauropods as well as smaller animals.

Draw a poster / picture of an Allosaurus attacking a Sauropod.

Note; it would have inflicted wounds and then backed away and waited for its victim to succumb.

See accompanying Allosaurus picture here 

Jurassic Dino Science Challenge number 6

Diplodocus eggs were 25 cm’s across.

Create a life-size copy of a Diplodocus egg out of cardboard. Picture Template available here

Well done Ranger!

Once you have completed 3 of the 6 challenges here you can award yourself the Jurassic Science Badge!

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