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Complete 3 of the following 6 challenges here to earn your Jurassic Ranger Skills Badge…

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You can access the challenges below or on PDF here –

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Challenge number 1  – Dino Darts

🦖 For this challenge you need to set up Dart-board like scoring area.

See Ranger Ron’s resource for printing your own, or alternatively you could paint your own board.

🦖 Then you can play against the clock of 1 minute with 3 small dinosaur toys.

🦖 To play then stand 1 – 3 metres (depending on your age and ability). Then see how much you can score in 1 minute of goes at scoring on your dino dart board score zones. 

Ron’s advice – 

ranger ron dino club

“I suggest that you practice first and then set yourself a scoring target and get it inside 1 minute to pass this challenge. Note you can also play this game against other family members for fun – like darts, but with Dinos!

🦕 Resource link – you can access the resource needed for this game here – dino darts game template 🦕

Challenge number 2 – Dino Dig 

🦖  For this challenge you need to dig out some dinosaur toys either from Jelly, or plaster mixture.

🦖 Note the plaster mixture takes a few days to set so this needs some planning.

🦖 See Ranger Ron’s resource sheet for this game and for full preparation instructions and ingredients needed.

Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

“When you have completed your Dino Dig you can award yourself this challenge on your badge chart..”

🦕 Resource link – you can access the resource needed for this game here – Dino Dig resource and information sheet 🦕

Challenge number 3 – Dino Warrior 

🦖 For this challenge you have to set up an obstacle course in your garden or local park for your dinosaur toys and yourself.

🦖 Examples of obstacles you could create would be –

  • something they need to jump over like some big sticks
  • something to go under, like a towel or net. 
  • a flag or marker to get them to run around
  • a target big dinosaur toy to roll a ball (dino egg) to as part of the race/ course.

🦖 you can get creative with the obstacles, depending on what size area you have, what equipment you have or can improvise with and how long you want it to be (and the child’s age and ability) 

Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

Ideally the course needs to involve a jump for you to jump over with your dinos. Then a towel or similar to send your dinos underneath. Then a distance of around 3 meters to run too. Here you get a ball (dino egg) and roll it 2 metres or similar in to a dino nest area. Then you go back to the start. See how long it takes you to get 3 dinos around your course, then try and beat that time by 5 seconds or more to earn your challenge.


Challenge number 4 – Dino Golf

🦖 For this challenge you need to set up your own dino golf course with 3 dinos.

🦖  You will need to create a golf ‘hole’ (not really a hole but an area) with a dinosaur toy

🦖 You can make the holes by cutting out cardboard circles – using our template or drawing round a mug. Use a soft small ball like a tennis ball and make your own dino golf club with our template.

🦖 Then see what score you get going around your course twice. 

Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

Once you have your score, then beat it by 1 shot to pass this challenge. You can class the ball as in as long as it rolls slowly over your cardboard circle (hole).

🦕 Resource link – dino golf club to easily make at home Your ranger can even do this as an extra fun activity with some help! 🦕



Challenge number 5 – Dino Footy

🦖 For this challenge, you need 3 of your dinos that stand up well and you need to create a dino goal out of sticks.

🦖 See our resource here for suggested ways to make your goal.

🦖 Then get a light-weight ball like a beach ball or light weight toy football and see how many penalties you can score past your dinos in 1 minute! 


Ranger Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

“When you have practiced a few times you set yourself a target score as a goal and when you then achieve it, you can award yourself this challenge.”

🦕 Resource link –how to make your dino goal at home Your ranger can even do this as an extra fun activity with some help! 🦕

Challenge number 6  – Dino Basket Volcano

🦖 For this challenge you need to first dress up or decorate a bucket / waste paper bin / similar to look like a volcano.

🦖 Then, from 1 – 3 metres away depending on our age and ability, you have to toss in as many of your dino toys as possible into your volcano in one minute. If you miss and run out of toys – pick up the ones you miss and go again. 

Ranger Ron’s advice –

ranger ron dino club

Total your score in practice and then challenge yourself to beat your best score to pass this challenge.

🦕 If you want to make an actual volcano see the post here with instructions for how to create a volcano science experiment which actually erupts!  🦕



Well done Ranger!

Once you have completed 3 of the 6 challenges here you can award yourself the Jurassic Skills Badge!

Don’t forget to share your pictures and achievements with us!

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