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Dino Club CRETACEOUS Badge activities

dino activity 1

Cretaceous bones puzzle

Complete a Ranger Ron Cretaceous Dinosaur bones puzzle.

Use the resource provided in the Dino Club pack; children should cut out the pieces, and then work out how to put the Dinosaur together. They can stick the Dino bones on to card or paper to show off the final completed puzzle.

cretaceous dinosaur bones puzzle

dino activity 2

Cretaceous dinosaur jigsaw puzzle

Complete a Ranger Ron Cretaceous jigsaw puzzle.

Use the resource provided; cut out the pieces and then put them back together in the correct way.

cretaceous dinosaur bones puzzle

dino activity 3

Dino toys olympics game

For this challenge you need to create 4 channels on grass or carpet with string or you can draw them on a large piece of paper. Or you can access the resource here to print out and use (which has additional fun space actions)

You also need some small dinosaur toys. 

If playing with a group then divide children into teams. In each team of 4 each child chooses their Dinosaur piece. They take it in turns to roll the dice and move their dinosaur forward. The dinosaur who gets to the end first wins the race! 

If using our resource print then follow the additional space directions if you land on action spaces. 

You can create variants of this game with different types and sizes of dinosaurs and ‘boards’. For example you might do it in the playground on a ‘supersize board’.

It is a good activity for learning numbers and maths. 

You can also group the different dinosaurs from different time periods to create groupings and further dinosaur learning points. 

If a child is playing on their own they can use their dinosaur toys and throw the dice on behalf of each dinosaur. So they are playing on behalf of each dinosaur to see which one wins. Older children can even create some obstacle challenges to their games .

See Ranger Ron’s video of his Dinosaur obstacle race game here for ideas for how to do this and how to vary this game.

dino activity 4

 Dino mask make

Use the resource in your pack to make your own Cretaceous dinosaur mask. Cut it out, colour it in and then either make holes and thread elastic through. Or an easier way to use the mask is stick a lolly stick to the bottom and children hold it in front of their face.

Extend the play by getting the children to take on the physical characteristics of this type of Dinosaur. They can move like a dinosaur; make themselves big, slow, discuss what they eat and how they behave. 

Access the download file to print here

dino mask make

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