Welcome to Dino Club…..

dino club for kids

We are delighted to welcome you as members. Here’s what you need to know and do now……..

1/ Join the private Facebook group here . Please head over to the group and introduce yourself. Use the group to communicate with Ranger Ron, ask questions and connect with other like minded parents.

2/ Subscribe to the YouTube channel here. This ensures you get notifications for when new episodes are available as well as other videos in between time!

3/ Click here to get your reminders in Messenger 

4/ Access and download your free welcome poster digitally here 

5/ You can order your membership pack here  (optional) with Dino ranger badge, cap and printed poster and badge sheets and stickers for the badge activity programme.

6/ Check out the badge activity programme here and work through in your own time – this is completely free to take part in and your ranger can work through it with you in their own time and even track their progress with the digital badge tracker and unlock additional secret activities as rewards! There are over 70 activities available for your ranger to have fun with! Any questions about the badge programme ask us here, but check out the intro video on the badge information page first

7/ Make sure you look out for Ranger Ron’s weekly emails which will also include details about the monthly challenge badges for your child to take part in. It’s worth marking our emails in your contacts or as ‘safe’ items, so that they don’t go into junk as we wouldn’t want you to miss the weekly fun stuff and information from Ranger Ron for your ranger!

Thanks for being part of the club….see you soon for ROARing fun…

dino club badge scheme