Brilliant Dino Escape Online Event for your pupils at home

dino event for schools

Live, interactive, fun, educational; Easy to facilitate activity for home schooling for your pupils

Sign your school up and your pupils can all join together in the Dino fun from home…

dino activities for kids

An hour online workshop that your children can join virtually from home which will include –

  • Dino time tunnel adventures; travel back in time with ranger Ron to hunt and discover different Dinosaurs
  • Learn Dino Ranger skills
  • Take part in the Dino ranger skills routine and the Dino rap!
  • Take part in the most amazing live Dino themed treasure hunt game at home.
  • Dino quiz and puzzles to solve
  • Graduate as honorary Dino rangers
  • All LIVE and interactive with Ranger Ron.

Best of all; its ready-to-go fun and easy for pupils to join from home.

Simply sign your school up here….you will receive a link to send to your parents which they can use to get all the links and information they need to join their children to the event at home.

£80 per school; for up to 500 pupils from individual homes.

(can also join from school with key worker children)

REGISTER your School now….

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How does it work?

This is a LIVE broadcast events that your pupils can join with Ranger Ron on Wednesday 27th January at 1.30pm.

The Live Broadcasts will be delivered through private Facebook LIVES and unlisted Youtube links. During the live broadcasts, the adults can type into the chat box which means Ranger Ron can give shout outs to your schools and classes and comment on their knowledge and progress with all the fun. Parents can help out and type into the live feed during the event, but this is optional. They can also set it up and then leave the children to engage with the session and Ranger Ron will be doing shout outs to schools and classes (as provided by you the schools) and so they will hear their school details this way. Children are asked not to type on the live feed as they will be busy taking part in the content / activities.

Additionally, teachers can set it up as a screen share via zoom and children can watch it that way and therefore have the teacher able to interact with them during it.

Children can also watch on replay afterwards; if they miss it or want to do the session again.

As well as the live event (which are also available as replay and downloads), additional space themed resources will be delivered as downloadable, printable PDFs for your children to do at home and as extension activities.

If parents have a printer for the resources and treasure points it will make it easier to prepare, however, we provide files which can be drawn / traced so a printer is not essential.

We will do some pre-prepared shout outs to your school too so you can give us a message that you would like the character to say to your class / school during the live event.

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🌟 The Dino fun starts on 27th January at 1.30pm. Your pupils can watch live or they can watch on replay afterwards.

🌟  Further they can access them on demand and do them again and again!

🌟 They graduate as part of Ranger Ron’s Elite and honorary Dino Rangers!

space activities for kids


£80 per school – for up to 500 pupils from individual families

Simply sign your school up here….you will receive a link to send to your parents which they can use to get all the links and information they need to join their children to the event at home. It’s easy! 

You can also join from school with any key worker children that you have on site.

It means you can join up everyone from your class / school in a big, fun virtual experience!

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space activities for kids

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Once you have registered as a school you will be sent confirmation, along with a PDF with all the information you need and links to join.

We will also send an invoice for £80n and this will be payable no later than 24 hours before the event.

The £80 covers one school and up to 500 pupils joining.

If you have any questions about the event or logistics please contact of T. 01925 756700