This Easter, put a hop and a bounce into your school or charity fund with The Easter Bunny……


easter egg hunt for kids

easter egg hunt for kids

easter activities for kids

easter bunny egg hunt for kids

Schools, PTA’s and charities have really felt the pinch this year with the impact on fundraising and events. Which is why the Easter Bunny has sprung into action with his amazing egg hunt product that you can use to help raise some extra funds for your school or fundraising pot – free to sign up and no risk! So everything to gain and nothing to lose!

You can earn funds for your charity, school, or PTA with the Easter Bunny interactive egg hunt for children to do at home in the house or garden.

It’s a brilliant Easter treasure hunt for kids hosted by the Easter Bunny himself; just add eggs! Parents buy it through your unique, trackable link and we donate a percentage of the sale back to you!

As a PTA or charity you can benefit from a discount for your parents AND earn a commission for your fund. No risk; simple promote the resource to your parents and earn £5 from every sale!

When your parents buy the Easter Bunny Egg Hunt interactive fun pack for their children at your special discounted rate, you will receive 40% of the sale price for your funds.

easter fundraising for schools

easter bunny egg hunt

easter PTA schools fundraising

Fundraising opportunity for Charities / Schools / PTAs:

How it works:

1. Send information to parents / your audience about The Easter Bunny Egg Hunt resource; through newsletter, social channels, or other means of communication and social media. We provide you with marketing materials, graphics, video and a unique, trackable purchase link.
2. Parents can buy their Easter bunny interactive fun pack for a reduced price of £13.50 (instead of RRP £15)
3. You then receive £5  per purchase for your charity, school or PTA funds

easter bunny egg hunt

Enhance your easter egg hunt……just add eggs!!

Have your egg hunt hosted by the Easter Bunny himself!!

  • An interactive, fun filled downloadable Easter egg hunt hosted by the Easter Bunny himself!
  • This action packed resource will enhance any easter egg hunt……just add eggs!!
  • It’s the perfect fun filled, video hosted, physical game for families to use at home this Easter. Can be played with 1 child or a small group of children in the house or garden. Packed full of fun, puzzles, riddles and songs. Lasts approx. 45 minutes. Families download and access in their own time.
  • Includes: Video platform containing 7 Video Clue riddles by the Easter Bunny; Clue cards PDF (printables); Easter Puzzle PDF (printable); Certificates of achievement and honorary Bunny status (printable); The Easter Bunny Hop song and dance on video taught by the Easter Bunny; Easter puzzle instruction video by the bunny.
  • Also versions of the printable clues to easily draw / trace, so accessible even without a printer.
  • Secure access to all video links playable on all devices.(access for 1 year 365 days)
  • A complete, fun, tried and tested treasure / scavenger hunt perfect for Easter family fun!

Fundraising offer:

RRP: £15 per pack.

CHARITY / PTA OFFER – You sell for discounted rate of £13.50 and we give you £5 commission, per sale.

Example figure, if you sell 100 you get £500. All you need to do is promote it to your audience .

You will have a unique, trackable link to use. We also provide promotional artwork and assets to help you to sell it.

Your supporters will love the fact that you can raise funds simply by your parents purchasing it…and they get to purchase it as a reduced price too!!!


easter bunny egg hunt



What do you need to do to benefit from this offer for your charity or school?

  1. Sign your charity, school or PTA up to be an affiliate seller of this product.
  2. Use the artwork and promotional information we provide you and send to all your parents via your newsletter or other communication channels, Facebook etc.
  3. Highlight to parents that they are able to purchase their fun egg hunt resource at the reduced rate of £13.50 (instead of RRP £15)
  4. For each parent who purchases the Easter Bunny Interactive Egg Hunt resource using your link you will receive £5 toward your funds. You can either
  5. Easy Peasy!!

A simple and fun way to raise money for your funds this Easter….sign up now…. simply click below and enter your email address, choose a password, promote your link and start earning!


easter bunny egg hunt


For questions or further assistance please contact us on

For more information see the Easter Bunny Egg Hunt product page here 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the opportunity or find out more please contact us on –

01925 756700

Or on Messenger using the link here 

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easter bunny video message