Elf Treasure Hunt Adventure

Christmas Digital Treasure Hunt experience event for commercial venues & retail

Interactive, digital Christmas experience game  to offer your family visitors this year….

santa experience event

elf experience event

kids christmas event

🌟 High quality, memorable, engaging and fun for all the family.

🌟 Easy and low cost to run and resource

🌟Flexible for numbers and can be run every day throughout the festive period

🌟Ideal to compliment other festive activities such as a grotto and be an additional activity offering to filter visitors to

🌟Can be a stand alone activity that attracts families to your site.

🌟 It can be offered as a free activity, as part of an experience bundle or a marketing, foot fall initiative. or it can be a chargeable, bookable experience.

🌟Unique and innovative, flexible and can be adapted according to any future restrictions or Covid safety requirements.

This can work at an attraction, venue, shopping centre, town centre, garden centre, retail space or park.

It is easy to set up and run as a Christmas experience.

How it works:

🎄 You set up a central staging area with screen and speakers. This can be within a themed area, marquee, room or alcove and you can dress it with Christmas set and theming.

🎄 The families gather at this area and Santa or his Elves ‘beam in’ to them through the screen. (there are two options you can choose the event hosted by Santa or the one hosted by the Elves)

🎄 There is an introduction, during which the families are taught some Elf skills and the Elf song and dance! They are then given clue number 1 which they work out the answer to and the screen then starts a count down and the families have a set time (usually 1 or 2 minutes depending on the size of your venue) to go and hunt out the clue point which is displayed somewhere in your venue. Once located they make a note of the letter on the clue point and return to the central area. Whilst waiting they will be given additional Elf skills to practise to keep them busy!

🎄 There are 7 riddles to solve and clue points to search out in the same way. Each child will have a piece of paper to mark down the word puzzle as they go.

🎄 Adults accompanying the children will have a map with information for thew approx. location of each clue so they can direct the children in the appropriate direction if required.

🎄 After clue point 7, the children will have all the letters and will be directed by Santa / Elves to solve the word puzzle and shout it at the screen!

🎄 They will then take part in some catchphrase quiz fun and the Elf song and dance one more time.

🎄 The experience will last between 30 – 40 minutes, depending on the size of venue.

🎄 Your staff can award them with a certificate of achievement as they leave (and anything additional such as present or voucher if you wish)

A note on clue points – 

🔍 You can display these around your site appropriately. These are usually best placed within an easy access space of the central area. You may want to consider placing of these in terms of your space and easy flow and movement. Our team will work with you to advise on the best way to operationally run it for your site. The clues are best displayed on foamex or similar printed boards.

You will be provided with: 

Print ready artwork for all elements which you can print using your own team (we can provide the print for you if you wish but we are happy for you to arrange this using your own suppliers) This would include –

🔍 Clue points

🔍 Child’s puzzle resolution sheet

🔍 Map of clue points for adults reference

🔍 Certificate of completion for each child.

Christmas family experience

christmas experience

kids christmas experience


It’s so much more than a standard treasure hunt, because the video content element adds the performance and interactivity and makes it much more fun, lively and memorable for families. It is a digital event experience combined with a treasure hunt at your site!

The tasks which the Elf sets them are fun and active.

Our team provide full guidance, print files for clue points and help with your operational set up to make sure it works for your space and visitor experience.


Standard license –  includes the digital elements, videos, artwork and bespoke map:

Annual license – £1200 

Bespoke license –  includes a bespoke opening video introduction referencing your site and any bespoke welcome from your team to your visitors. We will work with you on the script for this and you will agree it prior to the production to ensure that it includes all the bespoke references you wish to include for your visitors.
The bespoke license includes all the elements in the standard license in addition to the bespoke video element.

Annual license – bespoke video version £1600 

Multi-site deals –

if you have more than one site then we can offer discounts on licenses, to enable it to be used at more than one site. Please contact us to discuss and we will provide a cost for your multi sites.

Marketing the experience –

We can also provide further support including promotional materials, promotional videos, graphics and artwork, and can also do online live promotion on your social media with the characters to build the hype on your channels!

Benefits of a digital led experience for Christmas 2021

🎄 This is a proven, innovative solution which can help increase footfall, be a festive offering for family visitors or an additional offering to any in person experiences that have reduced capacity this year or require flexibility to your offering.

🎄 Low resourcing and low cost. All you need is one of your members of staff to run and manage it. This can be one junior person and so doesn’t require performers or highly trained staff to run it.

🎄Can be run at peak and off peak periods and is low cost for off-peak. This means you can benefit from people looking for an off peak experience (such as per-schoolers) and also be a good option for school groups, cubs and brownies.

🎄 Can be run as either a free or chargeable event.


elf adventure christmas treasure trail for families


Contact us on helen@wonderadventures.co.uk or call 01925 756700 or contact us here in Messenger to discuss how it could work for your site..

See how the interactive treasure trails can alternatively work as a smartphone activity at your site here 

Christmas treasure trail