Halloween LIVE treasure hunt

Halloween fun for your kids at home…..

Amazing Wizard themed fun for 2-8 year olds LIVE at home

Your kids can join this safe, fun, easy & engaging Wizard fun this Halloween….

This year you can host the best Halloween fun for your children and their bubble of friends or family at your house. Join the LIVE treasure hunt event via your portable device or smart TV.

Your children can….

🧙‍♂️ Learn wand skills

🧹 Broomstick riding,

🧉 Potion making in Merlin’s cauldron

🔎 A LIVE Wizard themed treasure hunt in your home – amazing, interactive fun solving Merlin’s riddles and finding clues around your home.

It’s easy, engaging fun and is guaranteed to get your kids excited and having the best fun this Halloween at home.

Sign up now; pre-booking is essential.

Join in the event via a private facebook group. Advance registration gives you time to access and print or draw the 5 essential clue points to make the game work interactively at your house. Numbers are restricted so book early to have the best Halloween fun at home this year.

Suitable for 2 to 10 year olds – little ones will need adult guidance and all children need their adults to hide clues around their home to maximise the fun!

wizard school for kids

Halloween event your house

wizard school for kids

wizard school for kids

wizard school for kids

Book on to this amazing event and access the LIVE stream via private FACEBOOK group. Guaranteed to get your kids dancing, active, taking part in Wizard fun and game and an amazing themed treasure hunt adventure around your home and or garden.

1 ticket per household means you can entertain a group all for the price of one screen access LIVE into your home.

For just £6 join the fun with Merlin the Wizard and to make this Halloween a smash hit with the kids.

Don’t forget dressing up adds to the fun!

Please note we aim to shout out to individual children throughout our events, and even though we can’t absolutely guarantee an individual shout out, we find the LIVE interactive nature of our online events really adds to the excitement that will fill your home when you join our LIVE broadcast events.

wizard school for kids

Halloween treasure hunt LIVE

With a virtual broomstick ride with Merlin, Wand skills and Potion making, as well as an amazing halloween themed treasure hunt game around your home, this is the event to bring halloween fun to your home.

Dressing up is highly recommended. Bring your own wands and brooms to advance the fun even further.

Merlin can’t wait to excite your children on this hour long Wizard adventure and LIVE interactive fun.

Expect children to be shouting at Merlin on your smart TV, tablet or other mobile device as Merlin guarantees to get them excited and engaged in this adventure.

wizard school for kids

Wizard treasure hunt

This broadcast involves lots of fun from dancing to the Hocus Pocus School of Wizardry anthem, to learning wand skills and broomstick riding to the most amazing treasure hunt game in your home. All delivered via a LIVE broadcast in a private FACEBOOK group which your registration gives you access too.

wizard school for kids

Treasure hunt activity halloween

broomstick training

Fun cauldron memory game with Merlin the wizard. Can you kids help with the magic potion and spells?

Halloween games

Magic spells will work to amaze children what they can do with their newly learnt skills …

Hocus pocus magic spells

Merlin can’t wait for you to turn up to the Hocus Pocus School of Wizardry fun … no need to go anywhere, as he is coming to your house LIVE and interactively …

Broomstick riding with Merlin


wizard school for kids

If you can’t make the LIVE events or just want even more fun this Halloween with Merlin, we have a downloadable version of the treasure hunt action, so you can host the fun when suits you best. Check out our store for the download that you can use multiple times for a whole year:

Halloween game

Wonder Adventures provide lots of fun Treasure Hunt games of all kinds of themes in their store. Great birthday or Christmas gift for imaginative and game loving kids…

fun games at home