wizard themed children's event

Abracadabra…..Shizzam…..Wizz….Slime……Merlin’s beard it’s a fantastic Hocus Pocus Adventure Challenge children’s event…..

Let Magic Merlin take you through your own exciting Wizard School.  It’s the perfect mix of wizardry themed games, challenges, activities and dancing designed to capture the imagination of young witches and wizards.

Full of sorcery, slime and science, they will mix potions, play wizard games and complete the challenges in order to earn their title of Whizz kid wizard  from Merlin their Wizard headmaster!

What happens at the Hocus Pocus Adventure Challenge?

This lively and immersive experience involves magical fun and fantasy, allowing your apprentice witches and wizards to become fully fledged magic masters!  Children and their adults will take part in Wizard themed challenges and games including learning Merlin’s special Hocus Pocus spells and challenges designed to captivate all his apprentices. They will learn the Abracadbra song, anthem and dance moves and perform them with Merlin himself! They will also learn how to do a magical spell with their wands and take part in the broomstick riding workshop….

The whole thing is just Wizard fun!

wizard themed children's event

These interactive events are designed to capture the imagination of youngsters aged 3-8 years, get them active, immersed and enjoying time together with their grown ups!

We can also bring the Hocus Pocus Adventure Challenge to your venue. a UNIQUE and WIZARD option for Halloween! To talk to us about that contact us here.

Hocus Pocus Adventure Challenge is run by the same team behind the successful Elf Adventure Challenge event

halloween event