A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, an amazing event of INTERGALATIC proportions was created for children who love Space, astronauts, star wars and star trekking!!  It’s the perfect mix of space themed games, challenges, activities and fun!

An interactive family event, children can take part in intergalactic challenges designed to engage all budding astronauts. They can trek across the Universe with Buzz the Nasa astronaut and try out their best moonwalks! They can solve the puzzle of the Moon landing… and they can decorate and dress up in their own space helmets….and then learn the anthem that helps them to arrive at their own moon landing!

This interactive, themed event is designed to capture the imagination of youngsters aged 3-8 years with active, themed games,challenges, storytelling, music and moonwalking moves.

This lively and immersive experience involves universal fun and fantasy, UFOs and Aliens; where families are sure to take the force with them……

To speak to our team about having the Intergalactic Adventure Challenge at your venue or event please contact us now by email or on 01925 756700

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