A magical and personalised Christmas Eve delivery for your child...

Do you want to give your child a magical, Christmas Eve experience delivered by Santa himself? 

A personalised and authentic message from Santa for your child to watch on Christmas Eve, along with a read along story with him and a virtual sleigh ride and Christmas sing along!

Your child’s video will be delivered in an envelope from the North Pole which also includes a Christmas Eve story book for them to read along with Santa and accompanying postcard to personalise.

Santa’s message pack will be provided in a magical envelope which can be personalised so that your child can discover their special delivery on Christmas Eve and feel the magic and excitement of Christmas in a truly memorable and special way.
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Santa's Personalised Christmas Eve package includes....

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Personalised Video Message

  • Magical & authentic message to your child from Santa himself – send up to 100 words as well as Christmas Eve story read to your children and a virtual sleigh ride and sing along!
  • Approx 15 minute duration, bespoke video experience.
  • Delivered on USB stick (with an option for online link delivery too)
  • Personalised message to your child (recorded authentically for them, no A.I!)
  • Christmas Eve story read by Santa, read along with your storybook copy
  • Virtual sleigh ride and sing along with Santa.
santa storybook

Read Along Christmas Storybook

  • Santa’s favourite Christmas Eve story book for your child to read along with Santa when he reads his story on their video. 
  • Beautifully colour printed storybook that your child will treasure and read for years and years.
postcard from santa

Postcard from Santa to personalise & treasure

  • A quality postcard from Santa to treasure. This can be personalised with your child’s name and a message for them as a reminder of their special message and Christmas magic!
  • The postcard has space for you to personalise it yourself with your child / children’s names and a special message that you can add before they receive it with their video and book on Christmas Eve.
christmas magic

Christmas is a time when we want our children to experience magic, joy and wonder and there are a few short years when they can truly do this and believe. So make the most of that magical time and give them a memory and experience to treasure, all in the comfort and ease of your own home.

Have a magical Christmas Eve delivery for your child from Santa...

See your child's excitement and delight on Christmas Eve as they open up their special delivery from Santa and see that he has sent them a special video message as well as his favourite Christmas Eve storybook which they can read along with him.

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santa message kids
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Limited number available

Once Santa is booked to capacity orders will close....

You will receive a discreet pack in the post addressed to the adult, which contains all the elements of the pack which you will then assemble using the North Pole envelope provided by us. This can then be ‘left by Santa’ somewhere for your child to discover on Christmas Eve. IMPORTANT it does not arrive in the post ready to be opened by the child. An adult must open our package and assemble the delivery in the envelope we provide.

The video will be on a USB stick which is compatible on all computer devices and smart TVs with USB slot. It can also be requested as an online link.

You will need to write your 100 word personalised message for Santa to say on the video when you order. This can include up to 3 children’s names. Or you can order separate packs per child and request for us to combine the messages into one video for the family to watch together. Please use the contact links provided after your purchasing to request this.

The postcard will not be written by Santa, but blank and ready to be personalised by you.

The total duration is approximately 15 minutes. This includes your child’s bespoke message (approx 100 words) a story read by Santa, a virtual sleigh ride and sing along!

The video is delivered as part of your postage package, and will be on a USB stick. This will plug into a computer or Smart TV and will be universally compatible as long as you have a USB slot.

There is an option to have your video delivered as an online link if you do not have a computer or Smart TV or cannot play a USB drive. This option can be chosen once you have placed your order.

Contact us as soon as you receive it and we will help to resolve any technical issues or send you an online link. Please not you must check your product when you receive it and contact us prior to 20th December for us to help you to resolve technical issues or send you an online link.

You also get a storybook, which is the story which Santa reads on the video, so your children can read along and keep and treasure that. And they receive a postcard from santa which can be personalised.

(Please note this won’t have been written by Santa, you can write this yourself)

You receive your pack in the post which contains all the items for your child to find as their personalised delivery on Christmas, including the video. If you want the video element as an online link (as well as the physical USB stick) you can choose this when you order.

We deliver internationally, so you can order from wherever you are in the world; but you will need to pay international shipping. Or if you are outside the UK you can choose to just have the video delivered as an online link.

You can write up to 100 words for your personalised message for Santa to give your child / children.

This is not created with artificial intelligence or computers. Santa is recording your message specifically for your child so it authentic and is of the highest quality.

The last date for placing your order is 14th December, however due to Santa’s busy schedule, he does have a maximum amount of personalised message videos he can do and so if he received his maximum before that you will not be able to place an order so we recommend ordering early!

If you have more than one child then you can either order one pack and include all the children’s names / messages (up to 3 names) in the 100 words.

Or you can order a pack each for your child but we can create one video with a message for each of them but contained in one video so you can watch the video as a family and all children’s messages will be contained in the one video but have 100 words each (for each pack ordered). This also means you can give each child their own pack with book and poster on Christmas Eve and then sit together to watch one video containing all the messages.

If you order more than one pack we will contact you to ask if you want all the video messages to be contained in one video or separately.