Weekly, live, interactive videos for your very own Elf in training this Christmas...

Get your kids in the Christmas mood with fun and educational sessions they’ll love – giving you time to get all those Christmas chores complete and make it the best December ever!
🌟 Easy for parents 
🌟 Fun for kids
🌟 Fully resourced, including printed pack for your child to get stuck into!

If you would like your child to have a magical, exciting and imaginative count- down to Christmas this year, with ease for you, then join Elf Club!

With Christmas activities, challenges and Elf fun that they can join in take part in from home; it’s festive, imaginative fun without it being hard work for you to resource and do with them….

Let the Elves run the fun with Santa’s Elf Club!!


What is Elf Club?

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  • Livestreams with Santa’s Elves 
  • Play along with the Elf challenges, games and Christmas crafts
  • Receive an Elf Club membership activity pack 
  • Badge stickers and sticker sheets
  • Elf Club poster and folder with membership card
  • Interact with the Elves and get shout outs on livestreams!
  • Children can join the Elves LIVE and on replay.
  • It’s easy for parents and fun for kids!

Your child will get....

elf club membership pack activities

Membership Resource Pack

A package in the post containing

  • Elf Club folder and membership card
  • Resource sheets for each week of Elf club
  • Badge achievement sheets
  • Stickers to record their progress for each badge
  • Elf Club poster which can be personalised by them.
live online event with elf

LIVE online events with the Elves in November and December

  • 5 weekly live online events with the Elves, broadcast into your home.
  • Children can play along live with the Elves, doing their badge challenges and activities live with the Elves.
  • There is also live interaction with the live chat feature (operated by the adult) and so children can get shout outs and interact with the Elves live.
  • Each live event will also be available as a replay for a limited period of time, so if your child cannot make all the live online events they can watch them as a replay.
santas elf club membership pass

Digital Membership Pass & Bonus Activities

  • Digital membership pass with access to all the activities & resources.
  • Digital badge tracker where you can record your child’s Elf progress and unlock additional bonus activities and congratulations message from Santa himself!
  • Private Facebook community for Elf club members to share their fun and experiences with other Elf Club families and interact with the Elves about your child’s progress and badge successes!

Have the best festive fun during the run up to Christmas for your kids...

If you want the most magical, imaginative and fun lead up to Christmas for your kids this year 
 then join Santa’s Elf Club! It's fun, imaginative, active, educational and full of festive cheer!! 

Christmas is a time when we want our children to experience magic, joy and wonder and there are a few short years when they can truly do this and believe. So make the most of that magical time and give them memories, activities and experiences to treasure, all in the comfort and ease of your own home.

What People Say

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santa message kids
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Join the Elf Fun and be ready for the Elf Fun....

Elf activities will start to arrive in October, ready for the Christmas fun to start in November ...

You can access the events in the private Elf Club Facebook group, as Facebook LIVE or as a private YouTube link, only given to Elf Club members.

We usually suggest that children watch on the YouTube Link at full screen and then adults use the facebook live link to make comments, interact with the Elves, give feedback from the children and get shout outs. 

We will send all links and technical information for each event and will have Elves on hand to help with any technical questions at the time of each session.

You get a folder, which has a name card which they can personalise and the folder contains resource and activity sheets for each of the 5 badges. Your child can then use these sheets to complete the activities for each badge to earn the badge. They can either do these at the time of the live event with the Elves and so play along with them to complete their badges. Or they can watch the event on replay and do their badge activities then. 

There is also sticker sheets and stickers for each of the badges so they can be awarded these when they complete the set of activities for each badge and display their sticker sheet which shows their progress and achievements! 

They also get an Elf Club membership poster to put up and keep. 

You download the digital membership pass to your phone (compatible with both iPhone and android). It is free to download and it will contain all the up to date links that you will need to access all of the Elf Fun! You will also be sent notifications via the pass and useful messages and information throughout Elf Club.

It’s simple, you follow the link and click that you have completed a badge and its challenges. If you wish to upload a photo or video to share with the Elves you can do this. There are then additional videos from the Elves and activities that are unlocked for your children to access.

You do need to get a membership per child, because each child needs their own membership pack with resources to complete, stickers and progress sheets. So every child would want their own membership pack.

We deliver internationally, so you can order from wherever you are in the world; but you will need to pay international shipping. 

Membership is £11.99 which includes the physical pack which is posted to you and access to all 5 weeks of events, digital membership pass and badge tracker with congratulations videos.

Live stream event dates are (all in BST):

🎄 Sunday 21st November 5pm

🎄 Sunday 28th November 5pm

🎄 Sunday 5th December 5pm

🎄 Sunday 12th December 5pm

🎄Sunday 19th December 5pm

If you cannot join the event live then the replay will be available for your child to watch and still play along with their activity challenges.

Elf Club is led by Santa’s Elves, so the big man himself is not included in the live events. 

However you can get a congratulations message for your child in the badge tracker system when you have recorded their completion of all the badges it will unlock a special message from Santa congratulating them on their Elf achievements! 

Please note this message is not personalised for your child. You can get a personalised message for your child from Santa; see the personalised Santa Christmas Eve package for this.

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