schools virtual christmas workshop

Your pupils can join Santa and his festive friends for an amazing festive adventure from your classroom or school setting…..

Santa will host an amazing Christmas event that provide your pupils (and teachers!) with all the jolliness that you all deserve, even more than ever this year!

What does the event include?

🎄 Interactive fun with Santa, Tiny the Elf, Ruby Skip the Reindeer and Jolly Shivers the Snowman.

🎄Elf skills & the Elf March Routine

🎄Santa’s interactive Christmas Quiz

🎄Treasure hunt hosted live by Santa, including riddles and word puzzle for the children to complete together live

🎄Shout outs for schools and classes; teachers can interact live on the feed about pupils achievements and Santa will respond live to comments and do shout outs.

How does it work?

You can join the live broadcast via youtube; this will be a private link only available to schools who have registered and so is fully safeguarded.

The link will be sent to you the day before the event. 

During the live broadcast the teachers can type into the live stream and these comments will be fed to Santa live in his ear and he will respond to some of them and do live shout outs to your school / classes. The broadcast that the children watch should be opened on full screen so they cannot see these comments.

Is there any singing?

We know there are rules about singing this year because of Covid and so The Elf March and the Reindeer routine will encourage marching and copying of movements rather than singing along; but will still be full of energy and movement for the children with words and rhymes to copy instead!

What happens in the event?

🎅 The event will start with Santa introducing his festive friends; Tiny Elf, Jolly Shivers the Snowman and Ruby Skip the Reindeer

🎅 They will teach the children the Elf March routine (movement based rather than singing)

🎅 They will learn the Reindeer skip routine

🎅 Santa will then run the treasure hunt game.

This can work in a number of ways depending on your setting, number of children, space and area, age of children. We have suggested ways of working it which all work for the live broadcast; however you can also adapt.

Santa will give a riddle at a time which the children need to solve and then get a minute timer to find the corresponding clue point which also includes a letter for the word puzzle at the end.

If you have a small group participating then we advise you position the clues either in and around the classroom you will watch the broadcast, or in another near-by space i.e adjacent play area. You will be given 1 minute to look for each clue and return to the broadcast for the next clue following that search. Children can make a note of the letter marked on the clue point and or where they found it.

If you have a larger group (from 7 to 30) we advise you split them into teams. Then after each riddle is solved by the teams, they can send 1 or 2 of their team to search for the clue, allowing for easier management of the children.

The other option for both small or big groups is to display the clues around the classroom up high and the children have to look and point out the correct clue point and letter marked each time (to reduce movement around if that is an issue)

The interactivity is heightened if an adult can use the message function to confirm to our host that the clues have been successfully located and all team members are back ready for the next clue. We will give shout-outs on that progress throughout the hunts/ game.

We will also do shout outs to schools and classes through this system and congratulate them on their achievements!

🎅 After the treasure hunt, Santa will congratulate them (there is an option to present them with certificates too) and will do more festive games and fun including his Christmas Quiz!

Cost information:

£100 per school / setting.

This means you can have as many classes in your school or nursery join for one flat fee of £100 (+vat).

Dates and times:

Thursday 17th December 10am – 11am – register here  OR 1.30pm – 2.30pm – register here 

Click to register your school and you will receive all the information. We will then contact you and send an invoice and payment will need to be made by 1st December.

Joining links will be sent on 1st December.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the workshop with a member of our team please email us here or call on 01925 756700


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