If your kids love Superheroes, they will love this Superhero Adventure & LIVE Treasure Hunt fun….


Take part in a LIVE Superhero themed treasure hunt in your own home. The event will be run live by Captain Pow; trainer of all superheroes; your superhero apprentice can solve his riddles and then search for the superhero clue points in your own home (you print or draw them before the event time and hide them around the space ahead of the event starts.

Interactive Superhero fun and treasure hunt LIVE for kids, online, access from home –

Other fun Superhero training activities include –

⭐ Superhero Skills training with Captain Pow….

⭐ Virtual Superhero Flying practice….

⭐ Learn the Superhero anthem and other secrets from Captain Pow’s superhero training academy.

Personalised shout out interactions from Captain Pow with children 🎙

It’s an hour of interactive, engaging, imaginative fun for 3-8 year olds from the comfort of your own home! Register your child today. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Register NOW JUST £5!!……Only one registration needed per family / group.


superhero event for kids

super hero kid

superhero event for kids


👉 The event will broadcast through Facebook live inside our exclusive private Facebook group; only available to families who have pre-registered.

Includes printable clue points and certificates (optional) to use during the experience with your child / children.

Only one registration required per family / group of children.

Once you have registered you will be sent confirmation, along with a link for the private Facebook group. Your request to join will be approved and you can then access the clue points to download plus all the information you need to enjoy the event.

PLEASE NOTE your registration will not be complete until you request to join the private Facebook group. You will find the link to the group in your confirmation email and PDF GUIDE. Please carefully review the instructions in this PDF GUIDE for joining the event as late requests to join or access clue documents may result in missing the event.

Register NOW JUST £5!!……Only one registration needed per family / group.

super hero event online for kids