FREE Dinosaur Themed Treasure hunt game for kids

dinosaur treasure hunt game

Do you know a kid who loves Dinosaurs?

Then they will love the Dino Ranger Interactive Treasure hunt game…perfect for a kids party, classroom or group activity or just to keep the children busy at home…. and best of all you can download and play completely FREE!! 

This brilliant Dinosaur themed treasure hunt game can be played with large or small groups of kids, siblings, playdates or birthday parties. For schools, nurseries, beavers and cubs and as an educational activity.

It’s flexible and can be run indoors or outdoors.

Easy to set up and run…super fun!! 

Ron the Ranger teaches the children how to hunt dinosaurs! He delivers their video clue riddles so they can find the letters and ultimately complete the Dino word puzzle. He also leads them the dino rap anthem as well as dino ranger training and dino words puzzle challenge and congratulates them on becoming successful Dino Rangers as they have completed their treasure hunt!

Includes videos, clues, song and dance, puzzle cards, instructions and certificates….

Access your treasure hunt videos and download printables now….

Ready-made 45 minute activity for children 2-8 years old.

Access your amazing treasure hunt now!!!!

What you’ll get:

  • 7 Video Clues by Ron the Ranger
  • Dino hunters song and dance on video taught by Ron the Ranger
  • Dino word puzzle instruction video by Ron the Ranger.
  • Secure access to all video links playable on all devices.(access for 1 year 365 days)
  • Full instructions and set up guide PDF
  • 7 x Clue cards PDF printable
  • Dino word puzzle
  • Dinosaur adventures videos to celebrate your kids ROARsome achievements!
  • Certificates of achievement printable
  • A complete, fun, tried and tested treasure hunt perfect for Dino fans! 
dinosaur kids at home montage

“The Dino Ranger Treasure Hunt is brilliant! We used it for a group of Beavers and they loved it! It kept them busy and engaged, they loved finding the clues and watching the dino themed riddles and the bones puzzle was fantastic and got them ll involved. All we had to do was print out the clues in advance and puzzle pieces, which took a little bit of preparation but was dead easy as it was all there, you just had to print and hide the clues and then run the fun! I would definitely recommend it and it could be done at home or at a party as well as with a group of Beavers like this!” 

Product Information:

  • Recommended for children aged 2-8 years, for individuals and small groups or larger groups up to 30 children (which you can divide into teams)
  • Can be done indoors or outdoors.
  • Please note when choosing your device for video playback, the larger your screen and the louder your speakers, the better the video hosting experience will be, particularly for large groups of children.
  • This digital product requires printing of at least 7 clue cards and certificates.
  • This product is for private use only and the purchasing license allows for use up to 10 times during 1 year access.
  • For commercial use of the product please contact us for appropriate licensing.
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