treasure hunts for kids

Interactive, amazing treasure hunt to offer your family visitors….

Would you like to provide an additional experience for family visitors that is fun for them and easy to run for you?
Ready-made, easy to use, digitally hosted treasure hunt activity; pre-prepared and proven fun!
Themes include Dinosaurs, Wizards, Space and Christmas Elf…….

treasure hunts for kids

Who does it work for?

Shopping and retail centres, city centres, museums, farm parks, stately homes, gardens, National Trust sites and adventure parks – both indoor and outdoor.

Whether you run it as an income generator or as a marketing activity to generate footfall and entice family visitors to your site; it is totally flexible, can run indoors and outdoors and works in any venue size and space!

What is it?

The Treasure Hunt platform includes video clues which your visitors access through their phone. Through a series of video clips the colourful character teaches them fun skills (i.e. Be a Dino ranger, a Wizard or an Astronaut) a song and provides clues which guide them to the treasure points where they collect letters for their anagram, and ultimately their character host directs them to solve this puzzle challenge and claim treasure hunter success with their family!

See how it works for a shopping or retail centre

How it works for you –

  1. You are provided with a number of coupon codes that give participants individual access to the treasure hunt through their personal mobile phone or similar device. You can decide whether to pass these onto your visitors with or without additional charge to them.
  2. Included are printable PDF’s for treasure points, a hints sheet for the treasure point areas which you bespoke for your site, as well as clear instructions for set up and telephone support.
  3. You organise your own printing of the treasure point cards (unless you request our optional additional service to provide this) The print entails 7 x A4 treasure points and A4 location hints sheet which is given to each participant family / group to help the adults guide the children to the approx areas of the treasure points once they have solved the riddle on the video. This sheet also has space for them to record the letters they find for solving the anagram later.
  4. You distribute the printed 7 treasure points around your venue or location and input location hints to the A4 sheet for visitors.
  5. You provide visitors with a login code and the location hints sheet.
  6. Visitors can then login to the treasure hunt platform on their phone (using 3G, 4G or your wifi network if applicable) and work their way through the video clues and challenges delivered by the themed character. This includes them doing additional fun activities and learning the song as delivered by the character at points during the treasure hunt journey.

Participants can join the activity at any time and do it at their own pace in their family groups. 

The treasure hunt can work in any size of space, indoors or outdoors and so is completely flexible.

COST you can have a license for just £150 to use one of the treasure hunts for a period of one year; meaning you can use it for different time periods and activities to suit your schedule. This includes 500 access coupons to cover users. NB as the treasure hunt is best undertaken as a group; one coupon can be used per visitor group, therefore 500 coupons means you can have as many as 2000 visitors using this coupon batch

Additional 100 user codes for £25 as optional additional purchase during 1 year license agreement.

We can prove options to provide the printed elements for you as well as provide bespoke promotional assets i.e £50 for a bespoke video for you to use to promote this digital event and help you maximise the opportunity.

Cost effective and easy for you……Fun and memorable for your family visitors….

Speak to us now about the best theme and deal for your site……

Great for family attractions, farm parks, museums, garden centres, playcentres, festivals, shopping centres….


We can create a bespoke version for your site, with videos delivered by the character that are specifically delivered to your site or centre. This is great for city centres, shopping and retail and is a great way to involve other retail partners, businesses and attraction sites who want to drive more footfall. Talk to us now about creating a bespoke interactive treasure hunt for you.

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treasure hunt for kids

treasure hunt for kids

treasure hunt clues

easter hunt


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