Are you an organisation who want to engage families in a unique and memorable way?

Would you love to have some engaging content which gets kids excited and have your brand provide an opportunity for families to have fun at home and create memories?

Maybe you are concerned about your staff members well- being and would like to offer them something to help them to have some down timer with their kids and special time together.

Are you responsible for educating children in a specific area or industry? – Science, history, creativity or literacy for example?

online sessions for kids


space workshop for schools


You can sponsor one of our family events for kids to join from home………this is an amazing activity format for children and families in their homes. A live and interactive online event that will get children active, excite them with imaginative play, at the same time as being hugely educational.

As well as offering live, it can be watched as replay and we also provide unique downloadable sessions.

We currently have 2 fantastic proven and tested themes. One is a Dinosaur themed adventure, and the other Space themed adventure. Both are a great creative play slant that excites children and educates them about all kinds of Science, whilst disguised with games, dancing, movement and fun interactive quiz’s and copying concepts. Ultimately they are inspired to imagine being Dinosaur Expert Hunters and Space Astronauts travelling to the moon, learning huge concepts without even being aware.

This formula is set up as a broadcast with interactive resources and is broadcast on Facebook Live (through a private group set up, also encouraging great community interaction) and YouTube.

We are passionate about offering these adventures widely to children and their families and to create a wave of engagement and fun that can lift lockdown stresses and strains on families, and provide memorable and educational experiences for children at this difficult time.

There are a few options open to commercial organisations and charities –

  • Sponsor an event and provide one or a series of these adventures to families, engaging them in your brand. This can go out to your audience, customers or target customers.
  • Talk to us about providing access to a certain number of families on our public events (we currently have Dino Escape Week and Space Escape Week) we can give you a special price of £10 per family ticket for each weekly pass to all the events and activities and you can provide these passes to your families free of charge.
  • We are able to take support for these events and or other repeats of similar content on your behalf or through acknowledged sponsorship.
  • Sponsor one of these events to go out to schools or use as a way to engage school children in your activities or educational objectives. You can then provide these virtual events for schools to access free of charge.

Contact us here  to discuss any of these options or any other ideas you have for engaging families using our unique online activities, or call 01925 756700 or email

With the right backing we know we can reach hundreds, if not thousands of families around the UK to relieve a bit of lockdown challenges and stress.

cubs virtual event



See some video teasers of the events here –

Also chat to us about our Easter Bunny fun themed live events, treasure hunts and messages for kids!!

Easter Bunny Live online

You may also be interested in our interactive treasure hunts downloadable adventures; ready made, interactive, themed activity for families to do at home in their own time.

treasure hunt activity packs for kids



With interactive treasure trails; the Elf Adventure Treasure Hunt and Santa’s Christmas Treasure Hunt; as well as live online events and festive content able to be bespoked for your organisation we have a range of festive, creative and fun engagement options to engage your family audience….


Elf Treasure Hunt Adventure

christmas family events