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See below for the badge challenges, divided into ‘Skill’, ‘Fact’, ‘Maker’ and ‘Science’

or access the challenges on PDF here –

Badges programme overview information PDF access here

Triassic Skills Badge PDF access here

Triassic Fact Badge PDF access here

Triassic Maker Badge PDF access here

Triassic Science Badge PDF access here

Each badge has 6 challenges and your child just needs to complete 3 of the challenges for each badge. They can then use the badge sheets here to track progress and be rewarded each time they do a challenge. They can use stickers of colour it in.

If you don’t have a printer or want Ranger Ron’s printed badge sheets with stickers you can order the membership pack here which also includes Ranger cap, membership badge and other goodies!

Once you have completed each badge, send us a picture for your chance to make one of Ranger Ron live show gallery slots. Send your picture on either on Messenger here  in the Facebook group here   or email helen@wonderadventures.co.uk.

Record your child’s achievements with each badge and unlock secret rewards with the badge tracker here

Find the Triassic Skills Badge Challenges here 

dino club triassic skill badge

Find the Triassic Facts Badge Challenges here 

dino ranger triassic fact badge

Find the Triassic Maker Badge Challenges here 

dino club triassic maker badge

Find the Triassic Science Badge Challenges here 

dino clue triassic science badge


Badge tracker sheet

Download the badge tracker sheet here

dino club triassic badge sheet










Order the membership pack with printed badge tracker sheets here 

dinosaur club member pack