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Complete 3 of the following 6 challenges here to earn your Triassic Ranger Science Badge…

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Dino Science Challenge number 1

Pick a Triassic Dinosaurs and show how long or tall they where using todays worlds items, or animals in a picture. So you might draw an early sauropod dinosaur and then show how long it was with pictures or cars. Or how tall something was with sheep stacked on top of one another. As always adults can help you with your dinosaur research.

Dino Science Challenge number 2

Find out how we know some dinosaurs had feathers and explain this to another family member or friend.

Dino Science Challenge number 3

Discover a new Triassic dinosaur, or other Triassic reptile you don’t know about and write down or share with a family member 3 facts about it.

Dino Science Challenge number 4

Set up a dino dig and dig up a dino. You can either bury a toy dinosaur or get an adult to bury one in sand, soil or even a flour mixture that sets or even Jelly that sets for extra tactile and digging fun. See suggestion resource sheet here.

Dino Science Challenge number 5

Draw a poster of a volcano and explain what happens when they erupt using your poster.

Colour in resource for young rangers

Dino Science Challenge number 6

During the Triassic period, all land on Earth existed as one enormous land mass. Find out the name of this super continent and draw a picture of it.(Colour in resource for young rangers)

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