Interactive treasure hunt games for kids groups; Beavers, Cubs and Rainbows, Brownies.....

treasure hunts for kids

This range of fun, ready prepared treasure hunt activities are perfect for kids groups to use as part of a themed night or group meeting. a 45 minute activity that can be done with small or large groups of children; including character videos, riddles, puzzles, clues points to print and additional resources; they are great value at just £12.99!!

Choose your theme from Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Space or Wizards…….simply access the digital portal, follow the instructions; print the clue points and divide into groups to take part in their treasure hunt adventure…..

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treasure hunt activity for kids

How these activities fits in with Scout / Guide values…

  • Solving riddles
  • Problem solving and finding clues and working together in small teams to do this.
  • Copying actions and skills training from the themed character host.
  • Getting them active – you will be amazed at what we get them copying, from stomping like dino’s to balancing on one leg to represent zero gravity
  • Learning science and history and the mesmerising world of dinosaurs, space and even wand skills with Merlin in an active way
  • Stimulating their imaginations with time tunnel adventures, to observe realistic dinosaur action scenes, or land a Luna module in the space adventure or riding on a broomstick with Merlin the Wizard.
  • Learning Ranger Ron’s training routine; uniting them in shared dance and song activity.

You might also like the Dino Club Activity Resource pack ...

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dino club resource pack

Dino Club Activity resource pack is full of ROARing good activities for your kids group to do; ready made and prepared for you, activity sheets and accompanying videos make it easy for adults and stomping fun for kids! 

They even earn badges as they complete activities; badges and certificates are included in your resource pack.

Scout / guiding groups can claim 40% off the RRP for the Dino Club activity resource pack.

To claim your 40% off contact us using the form below and give us the details of your troop name and number of children for which you require activity sheets and resource packs.


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