Interactive treasure hunt games for kids groups; Beavers, Cubs and Rainbows, Brownies…..

This range of fun, ready prepared treasure hunt activities are perfect for kids groups to use as part of a themed night or group meeting. a 45 minute activity that can be done with small or large groups of children; including character videos, riddles, puzzles, clues points to print and additional resources; they are great value at just £12.99!!

Choose your theme from Dinosaurs, Superheroes, Space or Wizards…….simply access the digital portal, follow the instructions; print the clue points and divide into groups to take part in their treasure hunt adventure…..

Interactive, educational and fun packed, activity based online events….

Are you a Rainbows, Beaver, Cubs or Brownies troop leader? These amazing interactive LIVE broadcast events have been engaging children and their families in their homes throughout lockdown and beyond, and are a great solution and option for your COVID-19 online scouting and guiding troops.  If your objective is to engage children in creative fun way, then you will love the nature of these amazing, well organised and fabulously produced interactive LIVE broadcasts.


Scouting virtual night

Treasure Hunt Dinosaur Scouts Guides

Dinosaur or Space themed events for your troop…

Scouting and guiding troops are loving these uniquely formatted online events for kids to join from home; interactive, educational and fun!

Troops can join the events and join up virtually, whilst taking part in the games and activities in their own home.

The Dinosaur themed treasure hunt event involves learning ranger skills, going on a time tunnel adventure to see a T-rex up close, copying training skills and amazing dinosaur quiz fun, all around an amazing, fully resourced treasure hunt in the individual beaver, rainbow, cub, or brownies home. Parents simply download a PDF of 5 clues they can print or trace/ draw up the clues on 5 sheets of paper ahead of the event. They hide them around the home and then see the excitement unfold as their youngster solves the riddles and searches out each clue point during the 1 hour action packed event.

The Space themed event involves a virtual space walk, landing the lunar module on the moon, interactive space quiz, space ranger skills and a live space themed treasure hunt all hosted by Astronaut Buzz.

The events are ideally accessed through our private facebook group broadcast and are also accessible through a private You Tube link.  Safeguarding is fully considered by having a production team that will monitor and control the access to the group and link and the comments / chat boxes – where parents and or at home adults are encouraged to update the team on their child’s progress (though this is not essential for the event to work).  Leaders can also be online to help get shout outs to their troop or pack – NB the production team feed some of the comments in the chat box to the presenter on screen in his ear and this makes the process of shout outs and LIVE encouragement really effective and seamless and a good way of enhancing the children’s engagement.

Children will get lots of shout outs to their troop as a whole and will be doing the game and event simultaneously with all their fellow troop members, as well as others around the UK, so a great event to be involved in and to feel apart of such a unique and fun experience.

Contact us for information about our Dinosaur and Space themed online events and we will send you information for next available dates.

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space workshop for schools

These events have been tried and tested throughout lockdown by hundreds of parents and their children UK wide, and beyond in other countries too. This ground work means they now represent an amazing virtual night option for your pack in COVID-19 restricted times. 

 Safeguarding is well considered by our team. The broadcast is essentially one direction in terms of audio-visual, but the comments feed, allows for comments about the actual progress in individual child’s home, to be commented on by adults. They can comment on things like they have found the clues and where etc.

 We will be proactively shouting out to your individual troop to engage them and to celebrate their unified success, at completing the clue finds and knowing details on the topic, be it dinosaurs, space or even the world of Wizards!

 This LIVE broadcast interactive event is an amazing, proven session – we have run over 100 of these since April this year and refined the technology, production and enjoyment factors of all themes.

 You as leaders get a night off delivery and a great chance to give your troop a surprisingly special treat in a time period full of challenge and restrictions.

 This lockdown inspired solution has been running for children aged 2-10 across the uk since early April and has now been enabled for the girl guiding and scouting community to access it. We can’t wait for you to experience it.

How it fits in with scout / guide values..

  •  Solving riddles
  • Problem solving and finding clues around their home
  • Copying actions and skills training from the themed host/ actor/ presenter
  • Getting them active – you will be amazed at what we get them copying, from stomping like dino’s to balancing on one leg to represent zero gravity
  • Learning science and history and the mesmerising world of dinosaurs, space and even wand skills with Merlin in an active way
  • Stimulating their imaginations with time tunnel adventures, to observe realistic dinosaur action scenes, or land a Luna module in the space adventure or riding on a broomstick with Merlin the Wizard
  • Learning Ranger Ron’s training routine; uniting them in shared dance and song activity. An experience they all share simultaneously from the safety of their own homes – and will of course talk about significantly in other scouting and guiding meet ups in the weeks and months following the event.
  • Will your troop join the big dinosaur treasure hunt uniting scouting and guiding across the UK, or our space adventure or Wizard School treasure hunt?!

cubs virtual event cubs virtual event cubs virtual eventcubs virtual eventbrownies virtual eventcubs virtual event

How it works….

 1/ Contact us for registration information for your troop – Dinosaur or Space.

2/ You will be sent a link to share with parents.

3/ Parents/ Adults at home, need to sign up to the link to access the private group and download the clue files for them to print or draw ahead of the event start time.

4/ Parents/ Adults log their child into the private facebook group at home and hide the 5 clue points (which they have printed or drawn) around their home.

5/ Troop leaders can also be logged on and join in with the chat and shout outs on the feed about their troop.

6/ During the session, the child engages in the content and directions from the host Ranger Ron. And the adult at home types in the feed, the child’s progress and feedback on enjoyment if they wish.

7/ Troop leaders can also be typing in this feed and so Ranger Ron will be giving encouragement and shout outs to individual troops by name, through a selection of feed comments delivered to him in his ear by the back room production team.

8/ The treasure hunt element of the session is run whereby a riddle is delivered by Ranger Ron or other theme host, and the child solves it and are then given a minute countdown to find the corresponding clue in their home which their adult has hidden.

The riddles are designed to be themed, challenging, but Ranger Ron will help them to solve them, ensure they all are able to know the answer and find the correct clue in the time frame allowed for the clue searches.

Each child participant is watching the main creative screen view of the event. They are not engaging themselves in the comments field.

 Safeguarding note – it is all delivered in a private facebook group or private youtube link (depending on how they prefer to access it) and the comments in the feed are all text based and will be monitored throughout the session by a back room production team, meaning anything that is not appropriate is immediately blocked and or that member disconnected. It should be noted that parents will be advised to go full screen on the video on the device the child is viewing also – which means it is only leaders and parents and production team that see the comments.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us in Messenger here or email or call our office on 01925 756 700 between 8 am and 9 pm daily.

Our Facebook page is @wonderadventuresforkids

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