Welcome to Ranger Ron’s Dino Club

dino club for kids

Tonnes of Dinosaur fun for kids with Ranger Ron!

Do you have a Dino Mad child? 

Does your kid know their T-Rex from their Pteradactyl?

Their Suchomimus from their Spinosaurus?

Their sauropod from their theropods?

dinosaur kid

Then Ranger Ron needs them as part of his Dino Ranger Training Elite……they can join Ranger Ron’s Dino Club!! 

What is Dino Club?

Sign up your young Ranger to Dino Club and get access to –

🦖 Dino activities and resources every week!

🦖 Dinosaur badge activity programme for your child to take part in, complete with achievement charts to record their progress – 12 badges and over 70 Dinosaur themed activities, games and challenges for them to download and access for free. When they complete the badges you can use our badge tracker to chart the progress and unlock secret dinosaur activities as rewards!

🦖 Membership to Ranger Ron’s private Facebook group where there will be Dino activities and weekly posts. Ranger Ron will also be popping in live and broadcasting in the group on occasion with fun and activities only available to group members.

🦖 Membership poster (delivered digitally to be printed out)

🦖 Access to Ranger Ron’s weekly Dino club episodes on Youtube. As a club member you will receive a reminder when each new episode is broadcast, enabling you first access to each broadcast.

🦖 Special offers on Dino fun experiences and products.

Dino Club VIP 

In addition to all the amazing Dino Club fun VIP members will get access to exclusive LIVE online events with Ranger Ron! These include…

🦖 Monthly online event delivered LIVE by Ranger Ron and including a lot of your rangers favourite Dino Fun such as Dinosaur time tunnel adventures, skills games, puzzles and quizzes but also including live shout outs just to VIP rangers, mentions of their activities and achievements from the month. There will be a live gallery where he features your rangers pictures and / or video clips of their badge challenges or anything they want to have featured.

🦖 Monthly bedtime dino stories with Ranger Ron. These will be stories and sometimes songs with Ranger Ron and will include shout outs and be interactive and delivered live.

🦖 Regular treasure hunt LIVE online events; these are our popular treasure hunt live in your home events which rangers love! Ranger Ron leads them in a live Dino themed treasure hunt in your home. Clues can be printed or drawn out beforehand and are supplied along with the games and puzzle resources for these sessions. They are live, interactive and stomping fun!

🦖 Specialist Badge event weekends; every 2 months we will run a special VIP badge challenge weekend; which will have a particular theme (such as a dinosaur or dino related theme) and VIPs will receive resources, activities and challenges for your ranger to do over the weekend. There will be video content with ranger Ron over the course of the weekend as well as competitions and challenges. On the Sunday night there will be a live online event which celebrates your rangers VIP badge weekend fun and the activities they have completed. You can take part in as many of the activities and fun as you like over the weekend and do it in your own time and then join Ranger Ron live on Sunday night to celebrate and share with him!

🦖 VIPs will also get a 25% discount on all our other Dinosaur fun products, such as the Dino Ranger treasure hunt pack, personalised Dinosaur birthday video

dino club vip club for kidsdinosaurs for kids

dino club for kids

dino club for kids

dinosaur badge activity learning programmedinosaurs for kids


dino club ranger ron

dino quiz for kids

dino toy story

dino club kid

child stickers onto dinosaur badge chart

child with dinosaur badge chart

child playing dino games

cheering child

dinosaurs for kids


kids event feedback

“Tadhg had a wonderful time again. He really loves Dino hunting with Ranger Ron! Such an excellent idea for kids. Thank you again!” 

“I think you all do an amazing job, Ranger Ron has incredible knowledge and energy! And everyone who works behind the scenes are brilliant helpful and very quick! I’ve recommended Wonder Adventures to lots of my friends. Thank you for all your hard work”

“Jake really enjoyed it and the guy doing it was so good he liked him! Very enjoyable!”


dino club for kids


kids dinosaur fun

dinosaur event kids online feedback

dino club for kids

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