dinosaur resource for schools

Dinosaur educational resource pack for schools and nurseries


Complete the dinosaur activities, join in with Ranger Ron’s dinosaur adventures and activity videos and earn badges.

Great for Dinosaur topic studies, science and history topics, the games and activities can also fit in with numeracy activities, PE, art and literacy (the Dino toy stories is a firm favourite!) They can also be used for wet play, golden time or substitute teachers. 

As kids love Dinosaurs the games and puzzles can be used to compliment just about any early years lesson! 

Dino Club is a pack and programme full of fun, learning dinosaur activities

Split into the three main periods of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous; resources are provided to enable children to do engaging activities that not only teach them about Dinosaurs, science and history, but also support them in maths, literacy, speech and communication, memory and problem solving skills. 

The resources and activities provided are supported by videos, presented by character and Dinosaur expert Ranger Ron.

Activities and resources can be adapted to suit ages, abilities and group size.

dinosaur badge scheme

As children complete the different activities in each of the 3 sections of Triassic, Jurassic and Triassic; they can be awarded a badge to stick onto their certificate of achievement.

Activities within each section range from completing the Dinosaur bones puzzle of a Dinosaur from that era; doing a skills activity which relates to each era; or solving a Ranger Ron jigsaw puzzle, a Ranger Ron quiz question or playing a Ranger Ron Lost Dino’s or Dinosaur Dimensions game. 

All activities are created and devised from an educational stand point; with clear learning outcomes as well as fun and engagement.

What does the Dino Club resource include?

dino club resource pack

When you buy the Dino Club resource pack, you get access to the digital members resource area. This contains additional activities which you can download digitally. These activities can fit in with the badge programme or done as standalone learning activities as part of your Dinosaur programme or as part of maths, literacy, art, science or PE.

All the activities can be downloaded and printed off yourself. Or you can choose the get the additional printed packs to save printing.

dino club resource pack

Dino Club includes the online hub and full access to all the activities and resources digitally. You can choose to get printed packs with the main resource activities. This saves printing cost and hassle and also provides them as full colour, high quality print (especially good for the puzzles)

The print pack also includes certificates and stickers so that the children can celebrate their achievements and earn badges for their work!

Each pack includes resources for one child comprising  12 x A4 colour printed, activity resource sheets. These include Dinosaur bones puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, activity games. There is also a certificate and accompanying 3 x stickers so children can celebrate their success and proudly display their achievements!

The resources are designed within 3 categories of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous; and all the activities fit with learning objectives and educational outcomes for early years and key stage 1 children.

Packs are priced at £2.76 each. To get the print packs, first add the Dino Club main resource access to your cart and then choose the number of packs you require.

dino club resource pack

To compliment the printed resource pack, there are dozens of Dino Club videos with Ranger Ron that can be used as additional resources and activities. These can be used alongside each of the badge activity challenges and also standalone videos, starter activities or wet play and supply teacher cover. The videos include song and dances, dinosaur adventures, number games, memory games, quizzes, story time (great for literacy work) and much more.

Dino Club members will be signposted to the available videos and the digital members area will provide the links to accompany the badge activity challenges.

Frequently asked questions

If you buy the schools / group version, you get full access to the digital members area with links to all the accompanying videos, additional digital resources and activities. 

You have the option to purchase printed versions of the resources and can choose individual packs depending on the number of children you have; making it flexible. 

Each set includes 12 x activities, 1 x certificate, 3 x badge stickers. These will be sent to you in a folder and are full colour, high quality printed resources.

For an individual child you buy the individual option here and receive a folder with the complete set of printed activities and sheets as well as access to the digital members area, video links and interactive badge tracker with bonus activities. 

Ranger Ron is a dinosaur and kids presenter / performer. He has many years experience in education and kids events and runs his own YouTub channel as well as his own media and events company. 

Dino Club is full of activities and resources which are designed to support the Early years curriculum; and not only teaches about history and science, but the activities can be completed as part of maths, phonics, art, PE and literacy work and are also fun, interactive and engaging. The songs can be used as energisers and the different activities can be incorporated within different lessons; as well as done as a complete programme. 

If you buy the individual child’s pack then they can do all the activities in their own time and to their own pace. They might be part of a homeschooling plan or activities to do whilst away on holiday or during school holidays to keep them busy and active. There are more YouTube videos being added all the time and so these can always be accessed. But the club pack gives you high quality printed resources to go alongside them, and so makes it easy to keep the kids busy and engaged with it. Plus the certificate and stickers gives a sense of celebration and achievement and something to display. 

There is also the interactive badge tracker which is a digital tracker where you can mark off as your child completes the activities and get congratulations messages from Ranger Ron as well as bonus activities to do.

You can also join the Dino Club members only Facebook group which gives access to Ranger Ron, you can ask him your questions and he will put additional activities and fun facts in the group too. 

To buy the Dino pack for an individual child costs £25.99 and includes a folder which contains all the colour printed resources, which includes 3 x bones puzzles, 3 x dinosaur jigsaw puzzles, footprints game, certificate and stickers. When  you purchase the pack you also get access to the digital members hub; which has links to accompanying videos for the resources; additional video links and additional activities which you can download and access digitally. 

dino club resource pack

To buy the Dino Pack go here

The Dino club resource pack for schools and groups is £27.99 for the digital hub resource. 

The printed packs are £2.76 each and you can purchase as many as you need for your group of children. 

dino club resource pack

Order your Dino Club resource pack here or contact us with any questions.

Yes you can order a sample pack completely FREE of charge. 

We will send one pack to a school or nursery address completely free so that you can see the range and quality of materials that you will receive when you order.

Please note the materials are not licensed to be copied or replicated. You will receive a link to the digital hub with accompanying videos and digital activities when you purchase.

We are not able to send free sample packs to individuals. 

To get your free sample pack complete the form here with your school / nursery name / address and phone number.

kids event feedback

“Tadhg had a wonderful time again. He really loves Dino hunting with Ranger Ron! Such an excellent idea for kids. Thank you again!” 

“I think you all do an amazing job, Ranger Ron has incredible knowledge and energy! And everyone who works behind the scenes are brilliant helpful and very quick! I’ve recommended Wonder Adventures to lots of my friends. Thank you for all your hard work”

“The children love the varied activities, they learn so much and have fun doing them, and always ask for Ranger Ron’s training routine video!”

kids dinosaur fun

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