Your group of children are invited to join
Santa's Elf Club....

Santa and his Elves would like to invite your group of children to join Santa’s Elf Club; for festive fun, activities, badges and elf training!!!

Would you like your group of children to have a programme of fun filled, festive elf training activities; with magical, exciting and imaginative challenges, games and elf fun  – fully resourced, planned and complete with Elf videos to facilitate the fun; without it being hard work for you to resource and do with them.

 Let the Elves lead the fun from the North Pole with Santa’s Elf Club!!


Elf Club resource pack for schools and groups includes…

Video clips with North pole Elves to lead the fun.

Elf games and challenges to take part in and earn badges as a result.

Resource sheets, one per child, for all the make activities.

Badge tracker sheets and sticker resources; one each child for them to celebrate their achievements.

Elf badge stickers, sheets and ‘Elf makes’ are great to take home and share with parents as a record of their achievements!

Games and challenges include memory games, numeracy game, physical skills challenges as well as making resources.

All fully resourced and ready to use with your class or group of children.

Amazing festive fun for primary schools, nurseries and kids groups.

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What is Elf Club for schools and groups?

elf club membership pack activities
  • Your Elf Club pack includes videos and resources for 5 Elf badges; each one with games, activities and challenges for the children to take part in.
  • Videos from the Elves facilitate each badge’s fun and the resource pack includes activity sheets, resources and badge sheets to accompany the videos. 
  • You can do all 5 badges with your group over the course of one session, several sessions, over 5 days or in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
  • Each resource pack includes USB stick with all Elf videos (so no need for internet access to access with your group) as well as resource pack with sheets for 20 children. Additional resource sheets can be added for additional children.
  • Your children can play along with the Elf challenges, games and Christmas crafts; earning Elf badges as they go!
  • You group of children’s Elf Club resource pack includes resource sheets, Badge stickers and sticker sheets and certificates of achievement for you to award them with when they have completed the Elf activities! 
  • Exclusive access to the Elf digital badge tracker, to record progress and unlock additional digital Elf activities and resources!
  • Each of the 5 videos is approximately 10-15 minutes duration.
  • In total the activities and videos covers approx 90 minutes of activities; so can be done in one long session, several short sessions or on consecutive days for a school or nursery.

Your Elf Club Pack Includes....

elf club membership pack activities

Membership Resource Pack

A package in the post containing

  • Elf Club folder containing USB stick with Elf videos and resources for 30 children.
  • Additional resource sheets can be added if you have more than 30 children.
  • Badge achievement sheets
  • Stickers to record their progress for each badge
  • Elf Club certificate which can be personalised by them.
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Lively & interactive videos with the Elves

  • 5 x videos with the Elves, for them to broadcast from the North Pole to your group of children.
  • Children can play along live with the Elves, doing their badge challenges and activities with the Elves.
  • Videos are provided on USB stick so you don’t need to rely on internet connection to play the videos.
  • Online links of videos can also be provided upon request.
santas elf club membership pass

Digital Membership Pass & Bonus Activities

  • Digital membership pass with access to all the activities & resources.
  • Digital badge tracker where you can unlock additional bonus activities and congratulations message from Santa himself!

Educational benefits include...

  • Literacy – storytelling & imaginative play
  • Numeracy – Elf games and challenges include counting, sorting, problem solving and shapes
  • Communication & team working – games involve children working together, solving problems together and working out puzzles together. 
  • Music and movement – Song and dances which children learn and copy along with the Elves.
  • Physical development – the games and challenges have physical elements which encourages children to try new things physically and learn skills such as balancing, stillness, creating shapes with their body.
  • Communication & language – the children will learn new language from the Elves during the sessions and games.
  • Understanding the world and cultures – the Elves provide an insight into the festival of Christmas.
  • Being imaginative & expressive – through both the sessions with the Elves and the activities, children are encouraged to be imaginative and express themselves creatively and through play and imaginative activities.
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Have the best festive fun during the run up to Christmas for your group of children..

If you want the most magical, imaginative and fun lead up to Christmas for your kids this year 
 then join Santa’s Elf Club! It's fun, imaginative, active, educational and full of festive cheer!! 

Cost details...

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What People Say...

Get your kids ready for the Elf Fun....

Elf activities will start to arrive in October, ready for the Christmas fun to start in November ...
  • Elf video resources, delivered on USB stick (compatible on all devices with USB and no need for internet connection to play)
  • Resource pack with activity resource sheets to accompany the videos, badge sheets, badge stickers – for 30 children. (additional packs of 30 can be requested)
  • Digital badge tracker system to unlock additional bonus activities, videos and a congratulations message for your children from Santa.

Yes you can request the videos as an online link in addition to receiving them on your USB stick.

Once you have bought your main Elf Club pack, you can use the videos with as many classes in your setting as you wish. 

The resource pack have enough for 20 children and you can order additional resource packs at a cost of £19.99 per additional pack.

We deliver internationally, so you can order from wherever you are in the world; but you will need to pay international shipping. 

Each video session from the Elves is approximately 15 minutes. Some of the activities are done alongside the video, in an interactive way. The elves will set an activity to do afterwards (using the resources provided)

Each video and set of activities correlates to one badge. There are 5 badges in total and stickers for each badge so the children can be awarded each badge as they complete the videos / activities.

You can choose to run them all as one session  or you could split them into sessions on different days.

Elf Club is led by Santa’s Elves, so the big man himself is not included in the main resource videos.

However you can get a congratulations message for your group of children in the badge tracker system when you have recorded their completion of all the badges it will unlock a special message from Santa congratulating them on their Elf achievements! 

Please note this message is not personalised for your children. You can get a personalised message for your child from Santa; see the personalised Santa Christmas Eve package for this.

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