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10 amazing fun FREE Easter Activities for kids

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Here you will find some of our great tips for an egg-siting time with your children this Easter. Note the link to our free resource pack PDF download that means you can print out 8 very different and egg-squizit fun activities you can do at home or school with your children. We also sell some fantastic resources to enhance your easter fun. A video led treasure hunt to make for the best easter egg hunt ever, led by the Easter Bunny and including his amazing hop song and dance. 

With a bit of imagination, easter can be such a creative and fun time for children, and what a great opportunity to fuel their creativity and love of fun, and make-believe play. Who doesn’t want to bounce like a bunny with a basket of chocolate eggs, and their can be so much more fun than a standard egg hunt too…

Easter Bunny picture colour in Colour in a fab easter bunny picture.[/caption]

One element of our fun free resource, an amazing Easter Bunny dot-to-dot picture. What a great way to get children egg-sited about the easter bunny folk story and build the anticipation to their deliveries easter weekend. A really good way to engage concentration from children learning to control their pen and pencil skills.

Get the above printable A4 sheet in our fun activity pack – for FREE – see link here 

easter bunny costume Dress up as an Easter Bunny.[/caption]

There is so much to be done creatively at easter. Painting hard-boiled eggs, making and easter bonnet or bunny ears. In our FREE activity resource pack you can get a fun cut and glue activity where by you make a picture of a basket of eggs with your child. This combines puzzle solving with fun creative making skills – fabulous across early years ages.

Access your free activity pack here

be the easter bunny Easter Bunny make believe play.[/caption]

Just like Santa the Easter Bunny brings children gifts – so just like Santa of course they want to play at being the Easter Bunny. So why not get them create some ears or even a full face mask you can paint together or draw. Get our FREE printable resource here.

Access your free activity pack here

Easter egg hunt Easter Egg hide and seek and treasure hunt fun.[/caption]

Children of course love hide and seek and treasure hunts. Easter egg hunting is of course the ultimate egg-siting treasure hunt, and you can use toys and craft to set up a fun search out and hide and seek game with children and engage them for long lasting playfull fun. Get them to hide objects, toys and eggs from each other. Our FREE resource pack even includes Where’s Wally style pictures where they need to find and count up the eggs. See our amazing Easter Bunny video led treasure hunt resource in the Wonder Adventures shop – a great way to create the best Easter Egg Hunt ever!

Access your free activity pack here

Easter Bunny Puzzle game Easter Bunny Puzzle game.[/caption]

A puzzle maze game can be so much fun for little ones to solve. You can even make up your own with different squiggly lines where only 1 makes it to the final destination. Our FREE resource PDF for self printing gives you a great version of a maze to connect the Easter Bunny with some eggs!

Best Easter Egg Hunt ever Enhanced Easter Egg treasure hunt game.[/caption]

The better organised your egg hunt experience, the longer it can last and the maximum egg-citement gained. Wonder Adventures shop has an amazing video led treasure hunt game, hosted by the Easter Bunny, and including a fun song and dance and bunny skills too. This is a great way to make this years Easter Egg hunt egg-tra special! Don’t forget to have your camera phone at the ready to capture some of the amazing egg-citement.  The video hosted activity will lead your child in a fun filled 30 to 40 minute adventure at your house or garden.

FREE easter activity pdf Easter Bunny resource pack for kids.[/caption]

Access your FREE resource pack download here:

We want you to have an amazing time in the run up to Easter with your children, so hop along and check out our FREE resource pack download to help bring that bounce in to the fun of the Easter Bunny folk tale and great times with your children. Do see we have a downloadable treasure hunt, ONLINE events and a personalised Easter Bunny video product you can get from the Wonder Adventures shopify shop.

We hope you have an egg-cellent time!

Don’t forget to check out the Easter Bunny’s treasure hunt for your egg hunt this year….

easter egg hunt for kids

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