15 Best Easter Movies to Watch with Your Kids

15 best easter movies to watch with kids

Bounce into spring with these great Easter movies that are perfect for kids. From the Easter Bunny to The Dog Who Saved Easter—and lots more, put these films on your movie night bucket list.

You’ll find these Easter movies on Disney+, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sky.

So check these out to put a hop, skip and a bounce into your family movie night this month!


hop easter movie for kids

This Easter part animated movie has fast become an Easter favourite and is about the relationship between the Easter Bunny and his adult(ish) son who moves to Hollywood to pursue his dream of being a rock star.  This live-action/computer-animation hybrid Easter comedy has a positive message about reaching for your dreams. We love it!

Recommended for ages 5 & older
Common Sense Media Review: Hop
Rated PG



The Dog Who Saved Easter

the dog who saved easter movies for kids

If you’ve fallen in love with retriever Zeus in any of the previous Dog movies, you won’t be disappointed in The Dog Who Saved Easter. It’s funny, cute and with a touch of puppy love (for humans and dogs, alike) we recommend this seasonal special for kids aged 6 and up.

Recommended for ages 6 & up
Common Sense Media Review: The Dog Who Saved Easter
Rated PG




Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade

ice-age-the-great-egg-scapade movies for kids

Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade is an Easter special featuring the prehistoric cast from the popular movie franchise. With four feature-length films and a Christmas special under their belts, the creative minds behind these characters have the formula down to a science, and this story is no exception. It has fun with traditions such as egg hunts and April Fools’ Day, relating their origins to the characters’ experiences in the story. There are also heartwarming moments that celebrate families (and extended families) and show how members pull together when one is in a pickle

Recommended for ages 3 & up

Common Sense Media Review: Ice-age-the-great-egg-scapade


Here Comes Peter Cottontail

here comes peter cottontail easter movies for kids

This is a fun  perfect for preschoolers not already disdainful of low-tech special effects and jerky stop-action animation. If your kids can see past the lack of flashy animation, they’re in for a wholesome treat.

Recommended for ages 4 & up
Classic Media, 1971
Common Sense Media Review: Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Not rated

Peter Rabbit

peter rabbit easter movies for kids

While this version of Peter Rabbit may be a bit edgier and more action-packed than the stories you remember from the classic Beatrix Potter books, you’ll still find Old Mr. McGregor, Peter, and all the animals on the McGregor farm. But don’t expect a peaceable kingdom—life’s tough if you’re on the run, and Peter relies on his street smarts to survive. A fun

Recommended for ages 7 & older
Common Sense Media Review: Peter Rabbit
Rated PG


Rise of of the Guardians

rise of the guardians easter movies for kids

Generation after generation, immortal Guardians like Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman) and the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher) protect the world’s children from darkness and despair. However, an evil boogeyman named Pitch Black (Jude Law) schemes to overthrow the Guardians by obliterating children’s belief in them. It falls to a winter sprite named Jack Frost (Chris Pine) to thwart Pitch’s plans and save the Guardians from destruction.


Bugs Bunny Easter Funnies

bugs bunny easter movies for kids

Here is a classic comedy with an Easter theme – and lots of kids nowadays won’t have seen Bigs Bunny, but we think they should! fun cartoons, with lots of bunny ears and plenty of slapstick humour.

Recommended for ages 4 & up
Common Sense Media Review: Bugs Bunny Easter Funnies


The First Easter Rabbit

the first easter rabbit easter movies for kids

For a non-religious story about Easter, this animated musical tale will remind you of classics like  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. After watching this your bunnies will be all set for egg fun and frolicking in the grass.

Recommended for ages 3 & up

Common Sense Media Review: The First Easter Rabbit
Not rated

The Easter Egg Adventure

easter egg adventure easter movies for kids

After a bakery robbery sends the citizens of EggTown on a caper to find the thief, an innocent person is wrongly accused. Teacher Harriet Hare, voiced by Brooke Shields, steps in to save the day.

Recommended for ages 3 & up

Rated U

Review: see more at IMDB here



Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo

springtime with roo easter movies for kids

What happens when Rabbit decides to replace Easter with Spring Cleaning Day? His pals from the Hundred Acre Wood—led by little Roo—come to the rescue and help Rabbit to see the error of his ways, of course!

Recommended for ages 3 & up
Rated G
Common Sense Media Review: Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo




The Velveteen Rabbit

the velveteen rabbit easter movies for kids

Based on the book by Margery Williams about a soft rabbit, and his friends who come to life, this is a story about an only child finding a world of imagination, where love makes you who you are. Even though this classic story takes place during Christmas, the central characters are bunnies, and it is a sweet story.

Recommended for ages 5 & up

Rated G
Common Sense Media Review: The Velveteen Rabbit

Yogi the Easter Bear

yogi bear easter movies for kids

Yogi’s usual antics; Easter style! There is stealing picnic baskets and general havoc wreaking on the Easter Jamboree at Jellystone!

Recommended for all ages

Easter Parade

easter parade easter movies for kids

This 1948 musical is wholesome, straight-forward, and entertaining. Known as “The Happiest Musical Ever Made,” you and the kids will be tap-dancing your way to your nearest Easter parade, along to all the great Irving Berlin songs.

Recommended for ages 6 & up
Common Sense Media Review: Easter Parade


zootopia easter movies for kids

This isn’t an obvious Easter-themed movie but it does feature a pretty strong rabbit lead. The fun tale tells the story of police rabbit Judy Hopps who is determined to see her investigation through, no matter what. The message of courage, tolerance, and teamwork comes through tons of memorable characters and with lots of laughs.

Recommended for ages 8 & up
Common Sense Media Review: Zootopia
Rated PG

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

who framed roger rabbit movies for kids

We know this is NOT an Easter movie, but if you’re looking for something heavy on entertainment as well as rabbits, then you can’t beat it! Combining live-action and animation, Roger Rabbit is a detective story with hilarious twists and double crosses.

Recommended for ages 12 & up
Common Sense Media Review: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Rated PG

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