elf best toys christmas 2018

Elves best pick toys for Christmas 2018

It’s October; its blustery; the leaves are leaving the trees and Autumn is definitely here. Time to be starting to bring our thoughts to Christmas…

elf best toys christmas 2018

Pumpaa, Sprout and their Elves are always thinking Christmas of course and finaly it’s the time of year when they like to share with you their roundup of their favourite toys for 2018…. So if you are looking for some inspiration here are their top picks for toys for Christmas 2018 ……

  1. Fingerlings Untamed Dinos, £16.99

 fingerlings dino toy






WowWee Toys’ have been producing the popular Fingerlings in all kinds of animals and are all about dinosaurs (or unicorns, if you fancy something a little less roar-y). The Raptors have 4 to choose from and our Elf ears have been whispered to that there may be a T-Rex that will be roaring into the shops before Christmas too! So watch this space….as we Elves love Dinosaurs we are sure to tell you when we get our first batch of them!!!

The dinos are slightly bigger than their monkey predecessors, and interact, wrap around your finger, learn to talk and roar and respond to motion and sound just like other Fingerlings. Expect lots of cute growls and roars!!

finglerlings dino cage

There is also a Fingerlings Dino cage, which will cost £39.99 and Argos have predicted this will be one of their top toys for the year, so you can keep your Dino Fingerlings at your fingertips!

2. Ricky the Trick-Lovin Pet, £134.99

pet toy












From Dinosaurs to more furry, less roar-y pets – the cute Furreal Friends pup Ricky has more than 100 sound and motion combinations – from balancing a biscuit on his nose to giving you a paw-shake! He’s cuddly, soft and will no doubt soon become your child’s new best friend!

If you are being badgered into getting a real pet but you’re not quite sure yet then Ricky is purrrrfect!!!

3. Chow Crown Game, £17.99

We Elves love a game (as does Santa, but shhh don’t tell anyone!!) and this is a crazy fun one for the whole family! The hat plays music, and while the beats are going, the crown spins round and the wearer has to eat as many of the attached food items as possible.

Of course – you can choose whatever snacks you fancy, from marshmallows to strawberries to crisps or anything else you have around.

Perfect to involve granny in just after she’s had her post-Christmas dinner sherry!!!

4. LOL Surprise Under Wraps, £14.99

lol surprise toy









The LOL surprise toys have been a remarkable toy sensation and the latest for this year is the Surprise Under Wraps which is almost like a cylinder, and has a total of 15 layers to unwrap.

‘Under Wraps’ is notably more expensive than a LOL Surprise Ball but WAY less expensive than the LOL Surprise Big Surprise that dominated Christmas wish lists in 2017.

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Hand Puppet and Finger Puppets set, £26.99

charlie and the chocolate factory puppets












We love a puppet set – you can’t beat the magic of playing creatively and low tech with the kids (see our blog here on Imaginative play ideas with your children) and especially when you combine play with timeless stories you have a winner in Elf terms! These puppets are themed around Roald Dahl’s chocolatey-adventure book classic. You get one Willy Wonka hand puppet and then finger puppets of the 5 golden-ticket winners Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop, and Mike Teavee.

They are well made and a joy to play with for both kids and adults!!

  1. LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train, £99.99

 lego duplo cargo train











No Christmas toys round up would be complete without something from Lego on it (and we have 2 on here of course!)

This lovely play set has all your child needs for some super-fun train action. It includes a harbour, boat, café, loading station, 2 cranes, 3 DUPLO figures plus an animal figure and lots of cool track pieces included in this set.

  1. VTech Fantasy Unicorn, £49.99

interactive unicorn toy












Unicorns are this year’s rage! And the Fantasy Unicorn from Vtech is great and bit a different from a lot of the other unicorns you see in the shops; it has an animatronic wand, which lets your little one alter the toy’s colours. The wand also lets little ones digitally apply make-up.

If your child likes playing with dolls heads or pretend make up they will love this…

8. Pie Face Cannon

pie face game












We posted in previous years about Pie Face – one of the Elves favourite games! Last year they came back with Pie Face sky high, the free standing ‘fairground’ style version of the popular game.  And now for 2018 those clever Elves have created Pie Face Cannon. The cannon fires a pie EVERY time and it’s up to the target to make sure they use the red hand in time to stop themselves from getting truly, madly pied!! Oh the Elves loved testing this one!!

9. LEGO Creator Winter Holiday Train, £74.99

lego winter train toy









Lego item number two, we had to include as it is the winter train – and you know us Elves love a train around the Christmas tree!!

This is a gorgeous Christmas-themed Lego set, which is not just a cool Lego kit but is also a working train set, with 16 curved pieces of track. There’s a brilliant steam engine and 5 mini-figures plus a rotating Christmas tree and gifts. Would be great to go under your Christmas tree, if you child lets you get your hands on it….

10. Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage Cozy Coupe, £109.99

unicorn little tikes ride on












This magical toddler ride-on comes complete with clip-clop sounds and blue-maned horse. You can take the reins and pull the carriage along or let your child hold the reins, while you push it along using the handle on the roof.

You can also remove the carriage floor if your toddler fancies pushing the carriage along by themselves. A glamorous alternative to the popular Little Tikes cars!

11. Nickelodeon Experimake Sludge ‘n’ Slime, £20

experimake toy


Who doesn’t love slime (check out our great homemade slime how to video by the amazing daisy’s Days here)

This kit provide a one stop, messy but planned-out fun box! Comes with protective googles and gloves, plus the tools, ingredients and step-by-step instructions to make an invisible monster, slimy snakes, sludgy goo, slime balls and, of course, slimy bogies. Science at its most gooey!!

12. Toilet Trouble, £17.99

toilet trouble game












What child (and adult?!) doesn’t love some toilet humour?! Who’s going to get gushed by the flush? A fun – and funny – family suspense game where you take turns to spin the loo roll to see how many times you have to flush the temperamental (water-filled) toy toilet that may – or may not – spray you with (just a little) water. For 2 players or more; needs 2 AA batteries (included).

13. i-Top £14.99


This electronic spinner counts the number of rotations and allows kids to compete against their friends for the highest number. A good competitive one for siblings on Christmas day!

  1. Treasure X3 Pack Chest £29.99

Treasure X3 Pack Chest
If you love a treasure hunt, then this toy is for you!  Set to be a leader in the collectible craze, this toy will keep your kids entertained for hours. You have to open a map which tells you what you’re going to discover and then you chip away at the block to get components to build a figure. 1 in every 50 has a piece of real gold or a real diamond hidden inside…

So there you have it. Our pick of the best toys for Christmas 2018! Please post and tell us what you are excited about and any others you recommend!! Us Elves always love toy testing – life is about fun, fun, fun!!!

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