how to make the perfect slime
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How to make the perfect slime – fun video demonstration

Halloween is only a few weeks away and so our very own Daisy (AKA Hermonie from Harry Potter in this video!) has created a new video on her Daisy’s Days youtube channel that shows you how to make the perfect, slimy, sparkly and fun slime!!

So if you are looking for a slime recipe and demonstration perfect for your little monsters this Halloween check out this slime video…

how to make the perfect slime

Daisy’s top tips to the best slime? Read on here…

1/ The slime activator that Daisy uses is simply contact lens solution. However don’t just buy the cheapest as they don’t work as well and the key to good slime is for it to be slimy and stringy! So go for a mid range one! We find the Boots one like the one here works best.

2/ Use gel based food colouring. if you use liquid colouring it can make your mixture too wet and also stains your hands! I bought this one from Hobbycraft. 

3/ If you use glitter put it in after you have done your first mix as you get a better idea of how much to use and don’t make the mistake of putting too much in.

4/ Add the activator a bit at a time and if it is a bit wet or water is coming out then squeeze this away before adding more slime activator.

5/ You can also add more baking powder at a later stage to make it a bit dryer.

Have fun and send us your pictures of your slime!!!



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