summer holiday events for kids

Dinosaurs, Superhero’s, Wizards; characters for every imagination….

Meet our event host characters for our fabulous summer online treasure hunt events…..

Ranger Ron is the expert on all things Dinosaurs!! If your kid loves all things Dino they will want to meet Ranger Ron, learn his Dino hunting skills and go dino hunting with him…..


Captain Pow is the trainer of all Superheroes! Join him to learn the superhero anthem, how to fight baddies and save the world! If your kid loves to dress up as their favourite superhero they will love meeting Captain Pow!


Merlin the Wizard takes your young sorcerer apprentices on a Wizarding adventure, teaching them wand skills, broomstick flying skills and even taking them on a virtual flying lesson! As well as teaching them his wizard anthem and his spell formula! It’s Wizard fun!


This is the schedule for our LIVE online treasure hunts for kids over the summer holidays. If you have an active and imaginative 3-8 year old they will love these interactive fun events, to join in LIVE at home! Great summer holiday activities for kids.

summer holiday events for kids

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