Easy, home made gift idea for your kid for Father’s Day

Father’s Day home-made gift idea

If you are looking for a memorable present for your child to make and give to their dad this Father’s Day, here is an easy present that they can make this year and will last year after year, being a true memory maker! It also allows your kid to give their dad the gift of fun times together…..again and again.

You need –

Paper or plastic cup (plastic lasts longer but paper is more environmentally friendly!)

Coloured marker pen


Packet of stickers

One piece cardboard – white or coloured your child’s choice.

10 pieces of paper, index cards or coloured paper.

1/ First your child can use the pens and stickers to decorate the outside of the cup.

2/ Next put glue onto the bottom of the cup and then stick it onto the edge of the piece of cardboard

3/ Write  “#1 Dad” on the cardboard next to the cup (either the adult can write it if your child cannot write yet or your child can write this)

4/ Ask your child to come up with 10 different things they like to do with dad.


Go to the park

Build lego

Play tag

Read stories

Go to the zoo

Watch a movie

Play snap

Play hopscotch

Have a water fight

Go on a bike ride

5/  Write down each of the things on a separate piece of the paper or index cards (or have your child write them)

6/  Fold each piece of paper or index card in half and place them into the plastic cup.

7/ On Father’s Day,  your child can give the special trophy to their dad and tell them how special they feel when they do these things together.

Every night for the next week, alternatively, it can be a weekly ritual on say a Saturday afternoon, Dad can pick one of the things form the cup and they can do it together.

The cup can then be replenished every year with new things that the child likes as they grow older. It can even continue through the years, into teenager-dom and beyond!!

Happy Father’s Day!


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