Halloween dressing up

Fun Halloween Games for Kids at Home

Halloween kids games

TOP Fun Halloween Games for Kids at Home

Whether you are hosting a small Halloween party for your own children or able to invite friends and neighbours over this year, we’ve rounded up some of the best ideas of but we still Halloween fun and games with the kids and make memories! So check out these fun creative ways to bring fun to your kids and home this Halloween. Guaranteed to keep them chilled and thrilled with excitement!

No. 1 Bug & Potion Scavenger Hunt, seek and find

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Hide some fun halloween style bugs, bats, spiders, frogs, skulls and other fun halloween toys and items and tell the children how many they need to find or even give them a list to tick off. It is all in the name of putting together a Witch or Wizards magic potion of course!

No. 2 Pin the Boo on the Ghost

Halloween kids fun game

Add blindfold and fun background music and this can be fantastic long lasting fun. Of course making the props is part of the excitement so make sure you get the kids involved in that too.

No. 3 Halloween Treasure Hunt with riddles and cluesHalloween Treasure Hunt gameThere’s one here already made with video clues from Merlin the Wizard which you can download and print out clues and watch videos to really build the excitement and fun. The important thing is hiding the clues around the house or garden when the children are contained and not watching in one room before you give them their first clue to find. This downloadable product from WonderAdventures.co.uk can be downloaded/ accessed online for a special offer this Halloween of just £3.99 (usually £12.99!) and can be played any time. In fact you can do it as many times as you want throughout 1 year and is guaranteed to get wanna-be Witches and Wizards excited. Recommended for 2 to 10 years and any number of children from 1 to a large group. We know children love a treasure hunt, and this is ready made so super easy to do – approximately 45 to 50 mins of fun.

Find out more and access your Halloween treasure hunt for kids here 

No. 4 Frankenstein Alley

Halloween tin can alley

Another fun game you can put together yourself with some old tin cans and paints. Of course again, 80 percent of the fun is in the making of the game, so get the children involved in the making!

No. 5 Blindfold Spaghetti Dip

Make up some spaghetti in a bowl. Allow to cool of course. Add fun halloween plastic toy items and then it is Halloween lucky or not so lucky dip time. Kids will love this sensory experience – and the clean up is manageable if set on a kitchen table or similar.

No. 6 Halloween Ghoul Name Game

ghoul name game kids halloween

Post-it notes do come in handy don’t they. You know the game, and this time you choose halloween style ghouls that then you have to guess which one you are by asking yes and no games around your family group. Guaranteed laughs and fun!

No. 7 Candy filled balloon pumpkins

balloon pumpkins

Take one orange balloon, add some sweets before you blow up and then decorate as a pumpkin. Great fun making them and even more fun jumping on them and startling the neighbours!

No. 8 Basket Bug Cauldron

Halloween cauldron game

You’ve heard of basket-ball, well how about Basket-Bug. Use a cauldron or similar to throw plastic toy bugs and bats and such like in to cauldron pot. You can try being further and further away and can even do as a relay team game if you have enough in your family group.

No. 9 Mummy Skittles

Mummy Skittles game for kids

Toilet roll can be so useful. Take some bottles or cans and or toilet roll holders and create a set of skittles like these. The fun is of course in both the making and the playing this game!

Hope you enjoyed our 10 ideas to fill your halloween with ghoulish excitement. Don’t forget to add costumes for maximum fun! Have a Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween dressing up

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