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Santa’s Special Message for 2020 for kids, parents and grandparents…..

Santa’s Special Message for 2020 for kids, parents and grandparents everywhere:

“This Christmas I have a special message for you,

Because if we all come together we will do more than just get through…

I predict a Christmas that is full of magic, love and joy,

And if you share this spirit, this will mean more than your favourite toy….

Let’s celebrate the true spirit of Christmas; because that’s what it’s all about…

looking after each other, with no-one left out….

Now is the time more than ever to share consideration, kindness and positivity

Be that person who makes people feel good & exudes festivity

whether its checking on an elderly neighbour down the road

phoning someone who may need to share the load..

Use the power of the Christmas card this year, write a colourful note with joy and cheer!

Let’s concentrate on making others feel good,

one thing we can still spread is joy in our neighbourhood…….

We can inspire our children to be kind, to think of others and true Christmas spirit find.

We all need to work together as one…..

we might have to keep our distance but as people we can keep a connection

Our children right now need love, support and time

And a sense that all will be ok, it will all be just fine……

So let’s have a Christmas full of energy and light and enter 2121 with a new spring in our sight…….

And let’s deck the halls with bunches of holly

And fill our communities with feelings most jolly

The sparkle of Christmas will shine far and wide

Life is there for the living so let’s make it a sleigh ride

So here’s to Christmas 2020;

with your help and spirit there will be believing a plenty……”


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