5 art activities

5 easy and fun Art activities to do with the kids at home

Here are 5 easy and fun Art activities to do with the kids at home, presented by our very own roving reporter Daisy Days and her art buddy; Artist and all round amazing creative Hazel.

All the art activities require easy and minimal equipment and all things you will need can be easily found at home or in the local bargain store!

Art activity 1 – rock painting:

This first art activity is popular currently in a lot of areas for hiding and finding decorative rocks. Many villages and areas have facebook pages dedicated to this fun and free pastime that families can do together! Simply paint some rocks however you wish, go out and hide them. And then is there is a facebook page in your area dedicated to rock hiding then look for others and post on the page when you find them. Most Facebook pages are called the name of the place and the word ‘rocks’ so for example ‘Bedford Rocks UK’

The best thing about this activity is all you need is some rocks, paints, brushes and imagination!

Art activity 2 – easy photography art:

No posh camera equipment needed for this one – simply a camera phone will do, plus some paper, pens and scissors. Its so easy and so effective……..

See some of Daisy’s end piece of artwork doing this activity –

5 easy and fun Art activities 5 easy and fun Art activities

5 easy and fun Art activities

Art activity 3 – wood and wool wind……

This activity requires some adult help, especially with the hammer part of the activity, but its a great way for younger kids to start to learn to use equipment like this in an easy way and take responsibility for being careful. As long as you help and guide them and make sure they don’t hammer their fingers then you can achieve a brilliantly effective end piece of craft for the child to display proudly in their bedroom! Daisy and Hazel have used large block of wood here but you could use a series of small discs too.


Art activity 4 – masking tape picture (with Jazzy B)

This art project is one introduced to Daisy by her friend Jazzy B and one that he and his brother like to do lots because it can take many forms – you can be abstract or create a recognisable picture. Jazzy’s brother shows us at the end how he created a race track with his recent creation! And all you need is masking tape, paper and paints!


Art activity 5 – Easy and AMAZING glass print picture (with Jazzy B!)

This is our favourite one, as it is so easy and so effective. The patterns you can make with this effect are astounding and make fantastic end pictures to be displayed. They also open up a whole discussion about light and the perspective of light through different artworks! As Daisy points out you don’t have to use glass, you can use perspex and it works just as well.


We hope you enjoyed these art activity videos and have aha chance to have a go at one or more of them! Please send us you comments on how you found them or post pictures of your creations on our Facebook page

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