fairytale party games

13 Party game ideas fit for a Prince and Princess, for a magical Fairy tale themed kids birthday party….

Fairytale party games

Well, the Royal wedding was a true fairy tale for Megan; we saw the dress, the ceremony and the happy couple. We didn’t, of course, see the party afterwards but I’m sure it was every bit the fairytale dream!

And of course, a fairy tale wedding isn’t just all about the Princess – it’s every bit as magical for the Prince.

So if your little girl or boy would love a fairy tale birthday party we have some fantastic royal and fairytale themed games to captivate all little prince and princesses.

If you prefer to leave the entertainment up to the professionals see our ‘Fairytale Kingdom Adventure Challenge party’; where your party performer will lead your trainee Hero’s and Heroines through fun and games fit for every prince and princess; complete with songs, puppets, riddles and game straight from the magical Kingdom of Fairytales. See here for information on the ‘Fairytale Kingdom Adventure Challenge’ children’s party.

Fairytale party game ideas

As with all our party game ideas you can adapt and amend to suit your own needs, space and children. But all serve as a good starting point and for party game inspiration!

1. Royal dress up race

Fill a chest with lots of dressing up clothes – princess dresses, knights outfits, shoes, tiaras; as much as you can find. Split the children into teams and have each team line up in a single-file line. Players should choose one person on their team to be the Royal and everyone else will be the runners. All of the other players will take turns running from their line to the box on the other side of the room and picking out an item of clothing to dress up their Royal. The first team to dress their Royal with all of the items wins.

2. Royal treasure

Hide various Royal items around the space. Include several ‘high value’ items such as a slipper, a crown and some jewels and different items can earn different points. Split the children into teams and have them hunt the items, bring them back one at a time and earn appropriate points for the items they find. The team with the most points wins.

3. Prince or Princess and the Pea

Just like the fairy story ‘Princess and the Pea’ your party guests must detect the ‘pea’. Use tennis balls or golf balls – lay some cushions, mats and different soft objects around the room and under some of them place the balls. The guests must each sit on one and decide whether there is a pea or not. If they are correct they stay in for the next round. If they are incorrect are they out. You re-set the balls and the cushions for each round (the guests must turn around and close their eyes when you do this!)

4. Poison apple bobbing

Have a bowl full of water and put in a selection of green apples and one red apple. Each party guest must wear a blindfold and then with their hands behind their back and using their mouth only must try and pick up an apple with their teeth and take it out of the bowl. They mustn’t get the red one or they are out! Obviously, apples shouldn’t be put back in the bowl once they have been caught.

5. Cinderella’s glass slipper hunt

Have a pile of different shoes and hide them around the house/party room.  Choose one pair of the shoes and only hide one of this pair. The other shoe put on the birthday child and they must sit on a chair while all the children go in search of the shoes. When a child finds a shoe they must bring it back to the birthday child and try it on and see if it matches the one they are wearing. If it doesn’t they must continue searching! Each child can only bring back one at a time to try. To make this harder only hide single shoes ()not pairs!)

6. Catch the villain

Make the adults of the party the villains. Each villain is given a bag of penny sweets. Each party guest is a prince or princess and has a wand. Everyone moves around the space and the Prince’s and Princesses’ must touch the villains with their wands. If they manage to touch the villain then the villain must throw sweets out of their bag to distract the Princesses and Princes while they run away. When the villains are out of sweets then they turn to stone and freeze. If you want to have a winner then the Princess/prince with the most sweets collected is the winner. There does not have to be a winner though. The Price’s and Princesses ca eat their sweets afterwards!

7. Fairytale sing-along

Split the children into teams. Cut out the words to a favourite Disney song, scramble them up and give them to a team. Have the children put the words in the order of the song and then sing the song to win.

8. Lego castle build

Split into teams and give each team a selection of Lego blocks, including some castle items. Give them a time limit and judge the best castle build after that time. You could different categories – biggest, most creative, most fun castle etc.

9. Toss the Tiara

Have different sizes jars and upturned bowls. Split the children into teams and give them a bunch of tiaras and crowns. (big enough to fit around the jars and bowls). They take it in turns to toss them around them. You could even tape points to each jar/bowl and they score points for the ones they get.

10. Royal taskmaster

Write silly tasks on some small pieces of paper (such as sing I’m a little teapot, spin in a circle 10 times, recite the ABCs backwards, do 10 jumping jacks, etc.)

Layout a grid of upside down ice cream cones. Under some ice cream cones place some sweets and under some place the pieces of paper with tasks on.

The kids take turns choosing an ice cream cone and squishing it with their hand. If the cone has a sweet in they keep it and if it has a task they do the task.

11. Crown Hockey

Set up an obstacle course of cones, toys, or whatever you have around the house or party space. Players must use a broom to get a toy crown from one side of the obstacle course to a goal at the other side of the course. Make it even more challenging by blindfolding one teammate and having another teammate call out directions to guide them along the course.

A twist on some favourites

12. Sleeping dragons

Players must all lie on the floor and keep as still and quiet as possible. The ‘knight’ must then go around the room trying to make the players laugh or move (note they cannot touch the players)

13. What’s the time Mr Dragon?

One player is the dragon and stands at the end of the room with their back to the room. The players lien up at the other end of the room and chant “what’s the time Mr Dragon?’ the dragon gives a time ad counts it while the players creep up behind him. If he turns while they are moving they have to go back to the start. If they freeze in time they can stay where they are. The objective is to get to and touch the dragon while they are turned away. If the dragon says ‘Dinner time’ he can turn and run and try and catch as many players before they get back to their base.

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