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Dino Club JURASSIC Badge activities

dino activity 1

Jurassic bones puzzle

Complete a Ranger Ron Jurassic Dinosaur bones puzzle.

Use the resource provided in the Dino Club pack; children should cut out the pieces, and then work out how to put the Dinosaur together. They can stick the Dino bones on to card or paper to show off the final completed puzzle.

dino activity 2

Jurassic dinosaur jigsaw puzzle

Complete a Ranger Ron Jurassic jigsaw puzzle.

Use the resource provided; cut out the pieces and then put them back together in the correct way.

dinosaur jigsaw puzzle

dino activity 3

Jurassic Dinosaur the Allosaurus 

The Allosaurus Dinosaur, known as the “other lizard”, was the most common large predator of the period. Around 12 metres long, it is known to have preyed on big sauropods as well as smaller animals.

Draw a poster / picture of an Allosaurus attacking a Sauropod. Or use this colour in picture of the Allosaurus, to colour in and depending on the child’s age and ability, write some accompanying facts about this Jurassic Dinosaur on their poster.

Note; it would have inflicted wounds and then backed away and waited for its victim to succumb.

See accompanying Allosaurus picture here

allosaurus colour in picture

You can watch a video with a Ranger Ron Dinosaur adventure featuring the Allosaurus here 

dino activity 4

 Jurassic Diplodocus Egg Make

Diplodocus eggs were 25 cm’s across.

Create a life-size copy of a Diplodocus egg – either measure and draw it yourself or use the Picture Template available here and colour it in and study the real life size of the egg and and the baby diplodocus which would hatch from it. Compare it with an adult size Diplodocus.

Watch a video with Ranger Ron demonstrating Dinosaur sizes in real life terms….Dino Dimensions video

dinosaur egg activity

 You can watch a video with a  Ranger Ron Dinosaur adventure featuring a Diplodocus here 


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