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Dino Club TRIASSIC Badge activities

dino activity 1

Triassic bones puzzle

Complete a Ranger Ron Triassic Dinosaur bones puzzle.

Use the resource provided in the Dino Club pack; children should cut out the pieces, and then work out how to put the Dinosaur together. They can stick the Dino bones on to card or paper to show off the final completed puzzle.

dinosaur bones puzzle for kids

dino activity 2

 Triassic dinosaur jigsaw puzzle

Complete a Ranger Ron Triassic jigsaw puzzle.

Use the resource provided; cut out the pieces and then put them back together in the correct way.

dinosaur jigsaw puzzle

dino activity 3

Dino toys hide and seek game

Kids need their dino tracking and hunting skills for this game!

You can either use the dinosaur prints and cut them out. Or you can use actual dinosaur toys for this game.

To set this game up, cut out the Dino footprints. (either use the small size provided in the resource pack or the large size template available here.)

Hide the dinosaur cut outs or dino toys around the space (indoors or outdoors.)

Lay down a dino footprint trail leading to each Dino. It is good to lay 3 footprints and then hide a dino toy or cut out dino, near the 3rd footprint.

Rangers can hunt each dinosaur and identify the name / interesting features when they find it.

The Dino tracks are a mix of brown and orange. A brown one means you keep going and find the next brown one. An orange one means there is a toy dinosaur nearby! So get hunting and seek your toy and discover which Dino it is!

dinosaur footprints game

dinosaur hide and seek game

You can watch the video of Ranger Ron setting up and playing this game here. 

dino activity 4

 Dino toss game

For this challenge you need to start with a bucket or container with around 20 dinosaur toys that are made of plastic or rubber and are not fragile.

If you are playing this with a group of children, then divide them into teams and give each team a set of containers and dinosaur toys.

You will need to create 3 score zones, marked clearly. Hula Hoops work well for this, or use another item like string to mark out the zones. If you put one of these quite close and then the other 2 can be further and further from you to give you a more challenging target.

The score zone closest to you means one point. The middle zone is five points and the furthest away is ten points. (this can be simpler numbers for younger children)

Children get one minute to toss the dino toys into the zones. They can then add up your score at the end of 1 minute.

You can vary the distances, points, detail of the game according to the children’s age and ability. You can even use different types of dinosaurs for different point amounts too!

dino toys game

You can watch the video of Ranger Ron setting up and playing this game here. 


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