20 ways to show your kid you love them

20 ways to show your kids you love them…

20 ways to show your kid you love them

Days seem to get busier and busier!

Each day becomes a routine –  wake up, get ready, get kids ready, rush them out the door, head to work, get home, make dinner. It’s easy to let the little moments of love and joy slip. But small moments of connection each day have an amazing impact on kids as well as us adults too!

Here are 20 easy ways to show them you love them, that can be fitted into any day…

  1. Pay attention to them when they are talking to you. 
  2. Sit with them and read a story together.
  3. Ask what the best part of their day has been.
  4. Sing to them / with them. (this is great for making the most of car time for connection together with the kids)
  5. If you are wrong, say you are sorry.
  6. Let them do your hair, from brushing it, to putting in bobbles and bows.
  7. Roll on the floor with them.
  8. Each time you greet your child, touch them. This could be their arm, back, hair or anything else.
  9. Tell them something you love about them. Tell them what you love about them that is different and unique.
  10. Put little notes in their lunch box.
  11. Tell other people how proud you are of them when your child can hear you.
  12. Hang up their artwork they give you.
  13. Place a sticker on your child’s shirt and tell them that when they see it throughout the day to remember you love them.
  14. Be your child’s biggest fan, even if they make a mistake.
  15. Focus on your child’s strengths and try to refrain from bringing up the weaknesses.
  16. Give your child compliments in front of their friends.
  17. Ask your child’s opinion and ask them why they feel that way or would choose that answer.
  18. Do something silly that will make them laugh.
  19. Put your phone down!
  20. Tell them you love them…often!!

Let us know what your favourite ways to  show your child you love them?

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