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Halloween costumes; you either love them or hate them! You either spend weeks crafting an elaborate creation or rely on Amazon Prime last minute! (or in the cases when you realise prime can’t even get it there on time or you will have to remortgage your house in order to get the cute witch outfit, then like me you wrap your child in a roll of toilet paper and tell them they can’t go to the toilet all evening!!)

So whether you love to make an event out of the creation or you want to jump on Amazon we have some suggestions for great home made Halloween costumes and the best Halloween costumes to buy to save you the time looking! ūüéÉ

1. Cute skeleton

homemade skeleton halloween costume

How cute is this little x-ray costume? Great if your kid doesn’t want to be too spooky or gory; as it still has the skeleton factor but without the scare!

Also a great use of your Amazon Box! 

Find out how to make one with your Amazon box by heading over to Rachael Burgess. 

2. Wicked Witch of the West

(or any type of witch you like!)

witch costume for kids

This might look completely unachievable witch costume to make yourself but it’s actually super easy and super effective! It’s completely no-sew (what’s not to love about that!)

For this quick how-to for the Wicked Witch of the West costume check out the full tutorial here


3. Home made dinosaur costume

homemade dinosaur costume for kids

This is not only a ROARsome good Dinosaur costume but its a fun project to do together! 

Ok, dinosaurs aren’t strictly a halloween theme, but they are scary and let’s be honest you can never go wrong if you are dressed up as a Dinosaur! ūü¶Ė

This is good too as your kid can fit inside the box, making it easy to wear (no tight suits or itchy head coverings!!). And bonus, your kiddos can paint their dino any way they want. Get the full instructions from Adventure In a Box.

4. DIY spider costume

homemade spider halloween costume for kids

This simple spider costume perfect for Halloween. Inspired by the book, Scaredy-Cat Splat, it can be made in a single afternoon and is even a project you can do together with your kid, so a bonus halloween activity idea too!

Gather your materials, which include black stockings, yarn, and sharpie markers, and head over to Pink Stripey Socks to find out how to make it.

photo: Leslie Manlapig via Pink Stripey Socks

5. Milk and cookies costume

milk and cookies halloween costume

Another good non-spooky costume. If you have a pair of kids to dress up then this is pretty unique costume idea and will get plenty of attention!! 

It’s also pretty easy to make and is a great use of more Amazon boxes – which we love to do!¬†

You can get the tutorial from Lovebugs and postcards by clicking here. 


6. Homemade Mummy costume

diy mummy costume for kids

A great last minute costume to throw together when the shops are shut and you are too late for online deliveries (assuming you have plenty of toilet roll and tape!!) 

Simply wrap and tape! Make sure they go to the toilet before you start wrapping! This costume is best for a short term wear because of the toilet issue! Or you ca just wrap legs and body and arms separately.


7. Monster costume, homemade

diy kids monster costume halloween

This is an easy DIY Halloween costume to resource from stuff around the house, old bits of clothes and a bit of creativity. The best thing is you don’t have to be neat or exact, so it can literally be thrown together! And we all love those kind of costumes!

Dig out an old pair of pants and your trusty black Sharpie. With a snip of scissors and a light coat of green make-up, you’ll soon have Frankenstein’s monster ready to go!¬† Find all the DIY details¬† here.

8. A kid in a box costume

kids illusion costume halloween

This illusion costume is super fun and easy to build. Just use a mask from last year and a hoodie to create the creature who is carrying you. Some trousers and trainers to create the ‘fake legs’

Then the kid gets to be carried in the box. Super fun! And a great talking point costume!

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